Timber Collects the Bounty on Mark Ronson’s “Find U Again” Featuring Camila Cabello

The award-winning VFX team at Timber provided the magic touch on the music video for Mark Ronson’s “Find U Again.” In a stylized world reminiscent of our favorite 1990s pulp filmmakers, someone has put a hit out on Camila Cabello. Bounty Hunter Mark Ronson plans to collect — until he hears her sing. The visual effects wizards at Timber handled beauty and cleanup, with additional VFX work provided by Method Studios.

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Timber Takes You On A Summer Adventure In Acura’s Latest Campaign

Timber and their award-winning VFX artists have joined forces with Acura in a new campaign that celebrates summer in all its glory. The spot takes viewers on a summer adventure and highlights the many experiences that Acura’s vehicles can support. From rock climbing to white water rafting, the opportunities are endless and shown with vibrant visuals courtesy of Timber’s team.

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Cardi B Knows How To “Sport The Unexpected” With Reebok Cut+Run’s Ben Campbell Edits Spot For Agency VB+P

Cardi B stars in "Nails," an enthralling moment of acrylic prowess for Reebok as part of the campaign "Sport The Unexpected." Agency Venables Bell & Partners teamed with Cut+Run's editor Ben Campbell and Biscuit director Andrea Nilsson to create this eye-popping celebration of the stylin' collaboration between the performer and brand.

The artist has been nothing short of a trailblazer since her debut album Invasion of Privacy released in 2017. Her musical accolades include the woman with the most simultaneous Hot 100 entries, while her resume and influence goes well beyond the music. In other words, she nails it.

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MC² Experiential Studio Welcomes Senior Creative Producer Kevin Shuster to Expanding Team

MC², an MCH Company and award-winning brand experience solutions agency, welcomes Senior Creative Producer Kevin Shuster to the Experiential Studio team. Launched in 2018, the Studio’s premiere project was the incredibly successful, immersive promotion of Netflix’s “Bird Box,” featuring Academy Award-winner Sandra Bullock. This was followed by an additional Netflix award in early 2019, and the completion of additional experiential projects for Lucasfilm and Ticketmaster this spring.

MC² Experiential Studio is led by Executive Creative Director Richard Sears, whose credits include immersive experiences such as “Transformers: Autobots Alliance” for Hasbro/VHE and “Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N.” for Marvel. Sears says the ongoing collaboration for MC² with Netflix has been incredibly rewarding. “The Netflix team really understands what we are trying to accomplish creatively and have provided us with a great deal of trust from the start of our relationship,” he notes.

Building off an initial year of tremendous success, MC² is expanding the Experiential Studio with the addition of Senior Creative Producer Kevin Shuster in Long Beach. 

Richard Sears & Kevin Shuster

Richard Sears & Kevin Shuster

An award-winning Senior Creative Producer, Shuster’s strong knowledge of immersive storytelling is at the core of his many years in production of “live” theater, film, interactive, emerging tech and experiential. Whether it’s for Warner Bros., 2K Games, or for global brands like Lexus and Samsung, Kevin strives for work that stirs emotion and creates impact. “I’m very excited to join the Experiential Studio,” explains Shuster. “It truly brings together every single experience I have had throughout my career into one multi-faceted position. Working with a talent like ECD Richard Sears is a unique opportunity, because we share the same vision for what the Studio can do.” 

“Kevin is a great addition to the MC² Experiential Studio team,” adds Sears. “We were so happy to have found him, because his career has seen the gamut of every sort of position and experience this industry has to offer from being in-house at an agency, to production and postproduction, to VR and AR. He brings a wealth of knowledge in all areas and a passion for telling great stories.” 

“We are incredibly excited about Kevin coming on board to help drive the growth of the Studio,” MC² Chief Operating Officer David Kuznick explains. “Kevin’s deep background producing cutting-edge experiences for some of the world’s leading brands is a powerful asset for the Studio during this very exciting time.”

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Landmark Documentary “Same Sex America” From Renowned Non-Fiction Filmmaker Henry Corra Re-Released on Hulu via SHOWTIME®

The award-winning documentary “Same Sex America” from renowned filmmaker Henry Corra has been re-released this summer and is currently streaming on Hulu via SHOWTIME®. The film, originally aired on Showtime in 2005, captures a watershed moment in LGBTQ civil rights history through the eyes of seven gay couples trying to be among the first in the U.S. to legally marry. The film was nominated for the prestigious GLADD Media Award for Outstanding Documentary. In the midst of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots and Pride celebrations around the globe this summer, the re-release of “Same Sex America” is incredibly timely. Massachusetts was the first U.S. state to sanction same sex marriages. “It was about human rights then and it’s about human rights now,” says Corra.

To stream the film “Same Sex America,” go to SHOWTIME®: https://www.sho.com/titles/123469/same-sex-america

The idea for the film originated in late 2003 when Corra read the news that the Massachusetts State Supreme Court mandated that same sex marriage licenses would be issued as of May 17, 2004. “It was a big constitutional moment and a heated political battle had erupted. All eyes were on Massachusetts. I knew that the next six months would be fraught with political and personal drama,” explains the Director. “Events were unfolding so fast when we approached Robert Greenblatt, then head of Showtime. He green-lit the project immediately, and we hit the road for the Boston Statehouse. The rest is history.”


Corra says he wanted to make an intimate film that took the viewer up close and personal against the looming political backdrop of the struggle. “By the end of the story,” Corra adds, “you are so involved with the couples and their families and this explosion of weddings that you just fall in love with these people who love each other and just want to be married and have families. It’s an ecstatic moment for all.”

Audrey Roth, a former attorney and one of the film’s main subjects, was filmed with her then-partner Robin and their daughter Phoebe, and understands the relevancy of their story today. “We find ourselves once again at a pivotal moment in civil rights in the United States, wondering whether or not our rights will be overturned,” she points out. “Our daughter is 19 now, and she is in the streets marching with her friends.”

For Audrey, collaborating with Director Henry Corra on this film was a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity. “Henry came into our home and filmed us, but it was just like talking to a friend,” she recalls. “He was so easy with his questions and what he was filming, that we didn’t even notice the camera was there most of the time.”

In addition to celebrating the re-release of “Same Sex America” this summer, filmmaker Henry Corra – best known for his unique brand of nonfiction “Living Cinema” – is currently working on yet another compelling new documentary project, “Unlocked,” which is somewhat of a follow-up to his HBO film George, made with and about his own autistic son. With “Unlocked,” Corra attempts to reach the supposedly unreachable, a group of severe autistics who are learning to speak their first words and connecting to the world in a way no one around them thought possible. “Unlocked” is a film about the journey of walking out of a prison into the bright sunlight.

“Unlocked” is mid-way through production with plans for a 2020 release. Corra and his production company Corra Films, based in New York, have also recently collaborated with long-term client Mercedes on an MBUSA campaign (“Greatness Lives Here”), and are now working on a Street Smarts PSA campaign with METRO and the DC Department of Transportation.

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