Air Studios Opens In Dallas

Air Studios has officially launched in Dallas’ vibrant Design District. With over eighteen thousand square feet, the studio features soundstages with state-of-the-art grip and electric packages, turnkey production offices, and a professional tabletop prep kitchen.

“Air Studios was founded by production experts who put all of the things they’ve craved in a studio over the years into one place. It’s a dream set up for any size production,” explains Air Studios Manager/Representative Summer Whitley. “We love being a resource for local and out of town productions alike and we aim to infuse that enthusiasm into each experience here.”

Air Studios offer two soundstages—Little Air and Big Air.

Big Air

Big Air

 Big Air is 3,500 square feet with a two wall/ compound cyclorama and an eighteen-foot grid. It is drive-on capable and houses a scissor lift for easy rigging. Also on stage and available for rent is a state of the art motion control for precise movement of any shot.

Little Air

Little Air

Little Air is just over 1,100 square feet. With a cyclorama width, Little Air is perfect for any smaller scale photography, video, or greenscreen shoots. It is also available for use as a casting facility, with pre-installed hanging kino-flos ready to go at the flip of a switch.

When renting out either stage, productions are given use of: clean and spacious shared kitchen, a production office, vanities, and the front reception area including the fishbowl conference room.

What truly sets Air Studios apart is the newly installed tabletop prep kitchen. Designed with foodies and food shoots in mind, the prep kitchen is fully stocked with equipment, devices and utensils for any food shoot. This clean, well-lit space is equipped with monitors to view a live camera feed.


Independent of the stages, Air Studios offers four single or double desk offices, as well as two larger “production pits.” Two clean and comfortable conference rooms supplied with speakerphones and monitors are perfect for pre-production meetings or conference calls. The larger Client Conference Room can double as a video village and is ready to stream live picture from either stage with the click of a button. 

Grip and electric packages at Air are available through by Electric Light & Power Co. Camera bodies and accessories can also be rented through Air, provided by 4:4:4 Camera.

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Cut+Run’s Robert Ryang Wins Sports Emmy For Outstanding Editing For "Zion"
Robert Ryang

Robert Ryang

Last night, Cut+Run’s Robert Ryang took home a Sports Emmy in the Outstanding Editing category for the short film Zion. The film’s director Floyd Russ of Tool of North America was also honored at the 40th Annual Sports Emmy Awards for Outstanding Long Feature.

The documentary, which premiered at Sundance and was released on Netflix, is a riveting portrait of Zion Clark, a young man born without legs who grew up in foster care and found community and hope in wrestling.

Ryang and Russ have worked together on numerous projects and have developed a creative shorthand that results in evocative and visually compelling work.  Among them, the award winning projects Ad Council’s “Fans of Love” and SK-II’s “Marriage Market Takeover.”

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Seeing & Hearing The “Moments Made” For Mohawk

Families know that each day is full of bustling activity from the moment the alarm rings to the clicking off of the bedside light. More moments made on Mohawk - accidental, playful, purposeful - layer into cherished memories in a new spot narrated by Molly Ringwald for The Richards Group. Supporting the heart-bursting slices of life are the water splashes, clacking footfall, scraping chairs, and robust chatter that makes a house a home.  Lucky Post’s Scottie Richardson created this soundscape to seamlessly blend with the visual narrative, edited by Logan Hefflefinger, and envelop viewers in each welcoming environment. Richardson also engineered the remote record session with Ringwald, whose voice adds the knowing warmth of someone who understands your world. And sure, that world may include a giant dog shaking water on the floor or a dropped science project scattering in the kitchen. But that’s okay, because under it all is the winsome beauty of Mohawk.

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Editorial Powerhouses Cut+Run and The Quarry Are Teaming Up in the US Market

Creativity grows through the connection of brilliant and daring minds. In the coolest of collaborations, Cut+Run is joining forces with The Quarry, some of the most creative and awarded film editors in the UK. This transformational partnership will see the editors of London-based The Quarry continue to expand their presence stateside while editing projects through Cut+Run. 

For the last two decades, The Quarry and Cut+Run have focused on developing their rosters of award-winning and diverse editors who craft stories for advertising, film and art content. Each editor brings masterful expertise, a dynamic blend of talent and innovative thinking, with a remarkable dedication to company culture and mentorship of amazing young talent. With an emphasis on client service, both companies operate under a borderless philosophy making their editors available worldwide on location and via their offices in London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin and New York.

Founded in Soho, London, Cut+Run doesn’t just get the London way - it’s where their distinctive vision was born and where they’ve remained creatively connected. Cut+Run has always been impressed by the level of work coming out of The Quarry and the complementary nature of these two prolific portfolios is setting the stage for a new way of reaching talent. This partnership is creating an unparalleled opportunity for American creatives and producers to access more of the best editors in the world, with the comfort of doing business with the trusted teams they already know and love.

The Quarry editors will be available to edit throughout Cut+Run’s network of US offices while both companies will remain independent in the United Kingdom and Europe.

For more on the company and expanded information on each editor, please visit:

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Production Company Doublewide and Owner/Executive Producer Danielle Lovett Garner National Women-Owned Business Certification
Danielle Lovett

Danielle Lovett

What does being certified as a Woman-Owned Business mean to Danielle Lovett, Owner/EP of Doublewide? “Besides it being an acknowledgement of the natural evolution of my career, and to stand alongside other women business owners, it’s an important responsibility, to be a model for other women coming up, and for my daughter, especially now,” says Lovette.


The certification capped a terrific 2018 for the company, including a hugely successful multi-spot campaign for Chevrolet from Director Jeffrey Karoff, and seeing Food Director Gab Taraboulsey’s documentary, “Funke,” being selected for the L.A. Film Festival. The high energy continues in 2019 with a fun campaign for BIC pens, and branching into public policy work for the Department of Health and Human Services, and a recruiting campaign for the 2020 U.S. Census. “I feel tremendous pride working on projects that will have an actual impact on the day-to-day quality of people’s lives,” comments Lovett.

Lovett exudes natural warmth, yet has a killer competitive instinct evident from her days as a professional tennis player. Having left the courts to work at Chiat\Day New York, then jumping to the production side at Propaganda Films in L.A., Lovett honed her craft in the first big wave of music video production. “There was this get-over between music videos and commercials,” she notes. “But I had the chance to work with artists like Ice Cube, Beyonce and Jay-Z, and directors such as Antoine Fuqua, Spike Jonze, the Malloys, and David Fincher. They’re still at the vanguard of our business in every way, as trendsetters and as legitimate leaders. It was a pretty heady time, but I didn’t really even know it then. Who does at that age?”

David Banks

David Banks

Danielle feels equally proud of the team at Doublewide. Together with Karoff and Taraboulsey, their Director roster includes Elise Holowicki, Alfredo de Villa, Craig Teper and rock icon Rob Zombie. Post is led by Chief Creative Officer David Banks, working closely with Territory Studio, Doublewide’s design, VFX and animation partners. Based in London and San Francisco, Territory helped create the look of films such as “Blade Runner 2049,” “Ready Player One,” and “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

“Danielle’s kind of this unassuming powerhouse,” Banks points out. “Not only is she a terrific champion for our creative talent, she’s a real collaborative partner with our clients on every project. She listens, making sure she fully understands their vision, and then finds the best execution in this naturally authentic way of hers. Her years in the business give her access to talent from every corner of the entertainment business.”

“All the work we did last year, getting the WBENC certification, that was great, but what we get excited about is what’s next,” continues Lovett. “What I enjoy most about our business is really the curating of projects, and of relationships. It’s like hosting a dinner party. You want to bring together just the right mix of personalities and flavors to make it a great experience for everyone.”