Cut+Run’s Pete Koob Edits Adventures Of The Unexpected In Conoco Campaign

Conoco fuels the drive for adventure and the joyfully unexpected in their latest campaign, edited by Cut+Run’s Pete Koob for the Carmichael Lynch agency. Directed by Fatal Farm, the trio of charming and comedic spots take viewers on whimsical adventures, where one action creates a ripple effect to the unforeseen future: An egg-salad picnic with four friends named Meg (and a gaggle of geese) is immortalized in a miniature golf course, a man makes first contact with extraterrestrials by way of a common love for delicious appetizers, and an astonishing rock skipping collision unites two longtime rivals. The world is your oyster – all you have to do is fuel up and “Choose Go.”

Click here to view the spots.

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Timber Elevates Visuals In “2 Dolla Bill” By 2 Chainz, Featuring E-40 & Lil Wayne

Known for their VMA-winning work in the music video realm, Timber applies their visual effects and postproduction magic once again to “2 Dolla Bill,” the latest music video from 2 Chainz, featuring E-40 & Lil Wayne. The compelling piece follows the various artists in abstract settings that further the narrative within the song, intertwined with visual effects elements that elevate the visuals throughout. Artists at collaborating company Kevin provided 2D Visual Effects for the music video, airing now.

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Many Seeds Of Change Bring Awareness To Bonton Farms

Bonton Farms is redefining community in its neighborhood in South Dallas in unique ways. Among them, utilizing the wider community of supporters, including the Dallas advertising community, to help make an impact. Over the past year, Element Ad 2 and AICP member companies, including Lucky 21 and Lucky Post, came together on a journey of discovery that would ultimately result in a pro-bono 360 awareness campaign for the organization. The campaign underscores “Redefining Community” to show that Bonton Farms isn’t just about food. It’s a collective effort to highlight and address systemic inequity.


Bonton is located in a South Dallas neighborhood where poverty is rampant, jobs are scarce, and access to what many people take for granted is limited; a school, for instance, or a place to purchase groceries. A mere seven minute drive from downtown Dallas, Bonton residents have a 58% higher risk of cancer and a 61% higher risk of stroke than the rest of the metroplex.  Still, it is a place of hope where residents and transplants have come together to help make meaningful change.

Photographer: Christina Childress

At the heart of this movement is Bonton Farms. Since its establishment, Bonton Farms has expanded from a hands-on place of sustenance and education to a 40-acre center with a market and resources that help residents pursue job opportunities, open businesses, maintain housing stability, and provide education to their families.

Photographer: Christina Childress

Element Ad 2 - a consortium of advertising professionals who work on an annual pro-bono campaign as part of their Ad 2 membership - took up the challenge to communicate the multifaceted ways in which Bonton Farms and neighborhood locals are making change.  The goal is to provide viewers with a greater understanding of the socioeconomic inequalities present in Dallas, and to drive support for Bonton Farms. 

Photographer: Christina Childress

“I’ve always said that once you are exposed to an issue, you have two choices: pretend it doesn’t exist - which is very hard to do - or help,” says neighborhood resident and Bonton Farms founder Daron Babcock. “The more people really see, the greater the involvement. So to have this investment of energy and talent in telling our bigger story is really vital to being a catalyst for change.”

For the people involved in making the campaign, the process began with firsthand experience at Bonton Farms, absorbing, listening, volunteering, and understanding. From there, the team at Element Ad 2 developed a digital and broadcast campaign, including spots produced in partnership with production company Lucky 21 and Lucky Post.

“Bonton Farms touches so many lives, and is helping to turn around a largely ignored neighborhood with hard work and hope,” comments Creative Director McKenzie Teng. “Our goal was to provide Bonton Farms with 360 branding to help communicate their mission and story. It’s a life-changing organization, ours included.”

“Working on this campaign was electric - you could feel the energy and passion from everyone involved,” says Lucky Post Editor Sai Selvarajan. “Having volunteered at Bonton Farms, I understood how they are working holistically to address change - and am excited to contribute to a campaign that further amplifies the message and the importance of what they do.”

Spittn Image Produces Print Campaign for FX Networks’ Fosse/Verdon; Sees Festival Success with Short Film “The Witching Hour”

2019 is off to an incredible start for Spittn Image. Under the leadership of Executive/Creative Producer Melissa Ciampa, the multifaceted production company recently collaborated on the print campaign for the much-anticipated FX Networks’ limited series “Fosse/Verdon.” Featuring the story of legendary choreographer Bob Fosse and dancer-collaborator Gwen Verdon, the series stars Sam Rockwell and Michelle Williams. With this project, Spittn Image continues to amaze by cultivating striking and evocative photography that better enables a series to stand out in an increasingly saturated media environment. 

Spittn Image Creative Director/Shawnette Heard also won an “Award of Merit” in the Best Shorts Competition for her newest short film “The Witching Hour.” Directed by Heard, the short is currently on the festival circuit.

Early 2019 saw the official launch of Spittn Image Indie, headed by Heard with her first signing of in-demand Director/Choreographer Luther Brown. Brown has just choreographed episodes of the upcoming season of “Step Up: High Water” and the music video for Max Frost’s “Money Problems.” Most recently, Brown worked on the production of Gwen Stefani’s performance at the 2019 Dubai World Cup and her concert during 2019 Cathay Pacific/HSBC Sevens Festival in Hong Kong.

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Bullitt Welcomes Director Geordie Stephens

Director Geordie Stephens has joined the Bullitt family of directors. His diverse body of work is defined by tapping simple human truths and unexpected situations to produce genuine emotion and comedic impact. The ongoing conversation between brand and viewer has been explored throughout Stephens’ career both on as a director and as an agency creative.

“Having been a huge fan of Geordie’s work for a long time and I’m thrilled that he’s joining the Bullitt family,” says Bullitt EP/President Luke Ricci. “His comedic and visual chops are of the highest caliber and I’m constantly impressed with the way he finds layer upon layer of nuance to his shots and performances resulting in richly textured content that cuts through the clutter.”

“Bullitt is a culturally relevant, filmmaker-driven company, which makes it an especially interesting place to create,” comments Stephens. “Their fearless approach to branded storytelling is the ultimate director’s playground – informed by an expertise in entertainment-charged advertising.”

Raised by in an artistic community by radical parents, Geordie was a world-class gymnast who gave up endless hours of practice to study installation art, graphic design, and museum design. As he moved from the intensity of gymnastics to the precision thrill of cliff diving, Stephens also leapt into agency art direction and creative direction. At Crispin Porter & Bogusky in Miami Stephens was named one of the top 25 global art directors for the award-winning campaigns for IKEA, Truth, Virgin Atlantic, Burger King, Sprite, and VW (Grand Clio winner). He went on to work for a number of creative agencies before transitioning to the director role.

In directing, Stephens has found a perfect home for his enduring passion for narrative. His penchant for irreverent, playful social commentary has earned awards and recognition at Cannes, AICP, and The One Show. Among his noted projects are collaborations for Amazon, The Grammys, Days Inn, and Freedom Mobile – with more to come. View Stephens work and find out more at and by following his adventures on Instagram @Geordie1027.

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