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kaboom’s New Year Brings Director James Lovick To US Collaborations

kaboom commences the New Year with the signing of award-winning director James Lovick. James Lovick is an advertising & content director with a passion for telling authentic and cinematic stories. With a focus on real people and real food, his crafted documentary approach humanizes brands, beautifully capturing intimate and genuine moments to connect to audiences. This is his first US representation.

“James is a rare talent who is able to create beautiful and compelling docu-style stories as naturally as his ability to help a product shine via table top,” comments kaboom EP/Founder Lauren Schwartz. “He came up through the ranks of production to find his calling as a director. He can span genres, can edit, and sees the world through a photographer’s eye. All of this makes him a force of creativity – with warmth and enthusiasm to match.”

A product of a family steeped in cinema, James absorbed a film education on set working in a variety of crafts – editing, DP, stills photography – that continue to inform his approach as a director. It was a discovery process that led to directing acclaimed documentary series for the BBC and Channel 4, including one that followed Eddie Izzard during his journey to do 43 back-to-back marathons for Sport Relief. These invaluable opportunities in unscripted storytelling were inspiring but prolonged, so James turned to short-form to find his home in branded content and advertising with humanity at the fore.

The diversity of experience – windows into many worlds – and the constant problem solving opportunities are just a few of the aspects of advertising that James appreciates. Over the past few years, he has directed for a wide range of brands, including films for Schwab, Visit Jersey, Kenwood, Baileys, Dorset Cereals, Vodafone VOXI, and WWF. In 2017 he was shortlisted for a Shots Young Director Award in Cannes for his Charles Schwab film 'Why This Road?' and in 2018 his latest film for WWF India was shortlisted for an Evcom Industry Award.

In a truly contemporary twist, James became connected to kaboom via Instagram – where mutually admired perspectives sparked a conversation that led to his joining the company’s roster. Resourcefulness and an open approach to client collaborations were unifiers between James and kaboom, solidifying a relationship started, appropriately, with curated imagery.

“Lauren and I share a great many perspectives about the industry and forging meaningful relationships that help elevate the process and projects,” reflects James. “While I’ve spent the last few years focusing my attention on work in the UK, I am now ready to expand into the US with kaboom – a woman-owned company that’s boutique in size – accessible, involved – and with incredible reach. An extended filmmaking family.”

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Multitalented Director tobin sanson Joins kaboom: Director, Photographer, DP Sees The World Through Lens of Natural Beauty

kaboom productions is thrilled to welcome director tobin sanson. The signing of sanson, his first representation by a national production company, immediately follows his inaugural collaboration with kaboom on a campaign for lifestyle brand Everlane.

With every film, tobin is dedicated to producing work that stands out in its space. There is always a unique story to be told and a fresh perspective to be taken, as demonstrated in his collaborations with clients Clif Bar, Camelback, Cole Haan, Mountain Hardware, Huckberry and Hanah. He was also part of the creative team that lensed the Walk On Water music video for the band Thirty Seconds to Mars. 

“tobin’s work embodies a blend of candid humanity in intensely striking environments. You feel immersed in the moment.” says kaboom EP/Founder lauren schwartz. “Furthermore, he is an enthusiastic partner in the process that begins well before filming, bringing a deep understanding of how brands need to connect to audiences.”

tobin is a director, cinematographer, photographer and storyteller. tobin is known as a creative resource; whether extending the narrative from film to print for a complete campaign, to harnessing his editing and DP talents to support a project’s distinct needs, he’s a director who gives everything to bringing compelling work to life.

Born in the mountains of Colorado, tobin was raised to appreciate the majesty of the natural world. This immense power is a never-ending source inspiration, compelling him to create stories driven by the rawness and authenticity the natural world demands. Early skate and surf films, and a love of the wild, led tobin to work for brands, both as an in-house creative and helming brand films as an independent director.

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Love+Medicine Reconnects Kaboom Director Michele Atkins and Preston Kelly For Gundersen Health System

Kaboom and director Michele Atkins reunite with agency Preston Kelly on a new Love + Medicine campaign for Gundersen Health System. This year’s campaign, the fourth collaboration between Kaboom, director Atkins and Preston Kelly, takes inspiration from real patient stories whose lifestyle changes are central to a happier, healthier existence.

View the campaign here.

 “Our clients at Gundersen Health wanted to take their Love + Medicine up a notch to create a community health movement in their market,” according to Preston Kelly ECD Chris Preston. “Michele’s understanding of the humanity in everyday acts has helped turn what could be pretty standard health care advertising into something emotional that actually touches our audience.”

At the heart of each narrative featuring a diverse series of challenges and how the simple adoption of exercise, meditation, and healthful eating can have a big impact. Atkin’s directorial approach, observational and naturalistic, imbues each spot with a sense of welcoming and warmth. This year’s campaign also includes companion pieces, 15 spots that offer additional vantage points on health: a cyclist’s eye view, the Zen of meditation, and a smoothie recipe brought to life with stop motion.

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kaboom signs director malek haneen

kaboom productions is excited to welcome malek haneen to the director roster. The signing is the first representation for the director, who has worked independently for brands like Nike, PlayStation, Under Armor, Pabst Blue Ribbon and PowerAde, with striking results.

malek haneen’s life has been informed by a combination of art, science, and technology, ultimately resulting in magic on screen.  His contemporary visual style infuses branded narratives with effortless beauty and authentic connections. malek defines his collaborations with agencies and clients as an investigation of theme to convey the message. 

malek found his true passion in art, first in photography and then in the moving image. After studying film at USC, malek came to directing by way of cinematography. He spent time traveling around the country working on film and television, before moving to Portland where he collaborated with Nike and music artists The Shins, among others, while working on his own scripts. He recently relocated to Los Angeles. 

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