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TwoPoint0 Partner/Editor Anthony Marinelli and DeVito/Verdi Continue Successful Run With A New Round of Bernie & Phyl’s Commercial Campaign

TwoPoint0 Partner/Editor Anthony Marinelli and Partner/EP Wendy Rosen have continued their successful collaboration with the creative team at DeVito/Verdi on a new round of spots for client Bernie & Phyl’s. The voices don’t sync and the aspect ratio is 4:3, but these predominantly black-and-white spots for Bernie & Phyl’s have been going strong for almost four years. The hilarious campaign has contributed to the success and growth of the family-run furniture store in and around the Massachusetts area since they first started airing.

See the new campaign here:

With earlier spots in the campaign, we’ve seen a vintage ‘70s clip of a drunk woman tottering into the living room complaining about how her husband doesn’t let her shop at Bernie & Phyl’s, but she needs a new lamp, a new couch and an end table for her popcorn, right before stumbling and violently knocking over a table containing a bowl of popcorn. We’ve seen two guys from a 1950’s “B” moving fighting over a need for new furniture (“Look at that chair, it’s hideous!”), and in the latest campaign, a single shot panning across a row of telephone operators singing about how you should call Bernie & Phyl’s for “a table or a couch” but not because “our mouths are not in sync, it’s just a joke.” This is in response to phone calls that both the client and agency have received from people who don’t necessarily get “the joke.”

The sheer fun of creating these spots is not lost on Editor Anthony Marinelli.  Along with Creative Director/Copywriter Rob Slosberg and Art Director Matt Songer, they not only collaborate closely, but also contribute all of the voices, both men and women (and sometimes animals), calling to mind the classic collaborations of Monty Python.

“What usually happens is, Rob and Matt put together rough scripts based on stock footage they’ve found on Getty Images,” Marinelli explains, “and I might cut together something rough with music and sound effects. Then we all start ad-libbing and seeing what sticks. It’s a fun and crazy kind of process, but you always have the sense that anything goes. It’s so much fun working with those guys, people often comment on how our laughter carries down the hallways.”

When asked to describe the experience of working with TwoPoint0, Art Director Matt Songer replied: “Anthony’s lighthearted way of collaborating makes every job a fun one. His work on the Bernie’s spots always raises the bar. The editorial touches and sound design choices he makes comes from his understanding of what the creative team is after. It’s amazing how he can take a simply funny idea and a piece of vintage footage, and turn it into something that can make you laugh out loud.”

“We’re thrilled to be working with these guys and glad to see the campaign is still going strong after all this time and that it’s been such a success for the client,” concludes TwoPoint0’s Anthony Marinelli.

TwoPoint0 is in the midst of a series of projects that will be airing this spring and summer. Earlier this year, TwoPoint0’s Anthony Marinelli explored the multifaceted journey to becoming a star in Mercedes new Oscars campaign.

You can view the spot here:

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TwoPoint0 Editor Keith Olwell Reveals Inspiring Scientific Advancements In University Hospitals’ Latest Campaign

TwoPoint0 Editor Keith Olwell tugs at the heart strings in his edits of University Hospitals’ latest campaign, revealing scientific advancements that are revolutionizing the patient experience. The various narratives unveil the many ways that University Hospitals transform people’s lives, from fighting chronic diseases to pioneering complex surgeries, leading the way to get more patients to their milestone cure. The spots aired during the Super Bowl and the Olympics, and reflect TwoPoint0’s versatile business model in working with creative shop Boathouse both in New York and Boston. TwoPoint0 continues to ride a strong wave of momentum with a Mercedes commercial on their radar for the Oscars telecast on March 4th.

To view the spots, click here:

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TwoPoint0 Editor/Partner Anthony Marinelli Makes His New York Mark With Twofold Festival Selections

For years, TwoPoint0 Editor/Co-Founder Anthony Marinelli has cultivated a distinguished portfolio of passion projects that have screened in film festivals worldwide. Marinelli’s latest short film, “Marital Arts,” continues its impressive festival run as an Official Selection at the Chelsea Film Festival in New York, while his new one act play, “Max & Domino,” also receives Official Selection status at the prestigious New York New Works Festival, both in the month of October.

With “Marital Arts,” Marinelli wanted to make a film that celebrates the two things he knows most about: marriage (being married for 28 years) and classic cinema. The film was previously a finalist in the Katra Film Series and screened in the NYC Independent Film Festival, the Richmond International Film Festival and the Cannes Short Film Corner. It has also been preselected for the 2nd Annual Toronto International Independent Film Festival. Marinelli’s two previous short films won awards at Richmond: “Walt Whitman Never Paid For It” won the Audience Choice Award in 2014 and “Acoustic Space” won Best Original Screenplay in 2016.

Marinelli’s new play “Max & Domino” is an existential black comedy about a pair of professional killers who create a living hell for the man who betrayed them. But it’s also about how we all adopt different personas depending on our objective of the moment. Two years ago, another of his one-acts, “Another Famous Dead Artist,” was a semi-finalist at the same New York New Works Festival, and last month, his screenplay, “Books, Beds and Baths,” was a finalist in the HollyShorts Film Festival’s Short Screenplay Competition, exemplifying further his strengths as a writer. Moreover, Marinelli has been hard at work this past year editing a documentary for Director David Seth Cohen about his quest to have a drink with Adam Sandler after passing up the opportunity years earlier. The documentary, “Finding Sandler,” is a project he is very excited about and hopes to complete in early 2018.

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TwoPoint0 Editor/Co-Founder Anthony Marinelli’s “Marital Arts” at 2017 Cannes Film Festival

Two years ago, TwoPoint0 Editor/Co-Founder, Anthony Marinelli made the trip to the Cannes Short Film Corner with his award-winning film, “Acoustic Space” (“Best Original Screenplay,” Richmond International Film Festival). This year, Marinelli, who writes, directs and edits most of his films, was accepted into the 2017 Cannes Film Festival for “Marital Arts,” a short film about the art of marriage (and cinema).

Leading actors, Joseph Cassese and Amanda Greer made the trip to Cannes this time to represent the film, which has already screened in three other festivals, including a sold-out screening at the NYC Independent Film Festival.

“I wanted to make a film that celebrates the two things I know most about: marriage (being married for almost 28 years) and classic cinema,” says Marinelli. “It’s extremely gratifying to create something personally enriching and see people enjoy it so much. It inspires me to keep doing more. It isn’t easy when you’re editing and running a company (alongside Wendy Rosen, my Executive Producer and business partner), but the pull to do this work is so strong, and my family is incredibly supportive. They know it’s something I have to do and, the bottom line is, ultimately, it makes me a better Editor.”

To view the official “Martial Arts” trailer, go here:

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