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Timber Helps Showcase Quality Ingredients in Chipotle’s Fresh Food Campaign

In an enticing new campaign, the award-winning visual effects team at Timber helps celebrate Chipotle’s fresh, quality ingredients served with every meal. The partnership creates a masterful display of the pride of every-day Chipotle employees as they work at its restaurants across the country. These picture-perfect shots entice all five senses by grabbing the audience with the visually appealing, fresh food served and leading them to taste, smell, and hear the authentic ingredients. Each clip leaves you with a hankering for one thing: fresh, and great tasting, Chipotle.

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Timber & Reese’s Show You What You Really Really Really Really Want

Do you know what you really want? In a spirited new campaign, Timber’s award-winning visual effects team joins forces with Reese’s to help reveal your unknown and deepest desire: Reese’s Puffs cereal. In these spots, angst-filled teens passionately proclaim what they claim to want, until finally arriving at what they really want: Reese’s Puffs cereal. You too should have no issue embracing your inner teen by grabbing that bowl of Reese’s Puff cereal and giving yourself what you really really really really want.

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Timber & Call Of Duty Franchise Join Forces For “Operation Grand Heist” Campaign

The well-known, MTV VMA-award winning visual effects team at Timber has joined forces with the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 franchise in a campaign for the much-anticipated release of “Operation Grand Heist.” Through a hilarious series of unfortunate events, “The Replacer” -- played by Peter Stormare – attempts to replace the roles of prominent individuals in politics and pop culture while giving them the chance to play the infamous game. 

Driven by the notion that everyone deserves their personal gaming time, the stylistic spot takes viewers on a whirlwind adventure through the Oval Office, New Jersey highways, televised awards stages, farmlands, E.U. Summits and more. Timber’s VFX flair is observed throughout with amplified sequences highlighting famed Twitch streamer, Dr. DisRespect, and dramatized visuals that perfectly accent the comedic beats.

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Timber & Cox Communications Reveal The Benefit Of “Extras” in Epic New Campaign

The world-renowned visual effects team at Timber transcends the cinematic experience in Cox Communications’ new campaign entitled “Epic Battle.” The ambitious spot places viewers right in the midst of an active battle, revealing that the addition of “extras,” both in battle scenes and through Cox services, is always an advantage.

Click here to view the new spot:

To elevate the scale, ferocity and cinematic scope, Timber used crowd simulation software to take 100 extras and make them feel like 1,000. Animated characters blended seamlessly with real ones, along with CG weaponry and digital fire effects, creating a larger-than-life world akin to “Game of Thrones” or “Lord of the Rings.”

“In our business, we’re used to taking on live-action projects that have very little on screen at first, and our job is to make it feel like it’s large in scale,” shares Timber Creative Director/Partner Jonah Hall. “Working with Director Paul Middleditch was an exciting experience because he put together a shoot that was already big by any measure. Our job was to make it feel massive. That felt really good because we were starting out on a whole new level.”

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Timber & Mischief Join Forces For West Coast Representation

Award-winning visual effects house Timber is thrilled to join forces with Mischief’s Becky Jungmann for representation on the West Coast.

Becky Jungmann brings extensive knowledge and experience to Timber as a Sales Rep with fifteen years under her belt, starting at MJZ and honing her sales skills at Anonymous Content shortly after. Jungmann then took on the role of Head of Sales at Station Film in 2010, where she was instrumental in building the brand and the roster for six years. In 2016, Becky decided to open her own company, Mischief, a commercial representation firm based in Los Angeles and serving the advertising industry.

“As a seasoned rep with a genuine enthusiasm, we couldn’t be happier to have Mischief on board in this partnership,” shares Timber Executive Producer Sabrina Elizondo. “In our collaboration with Becky’s incredible relationships and knowledge of the industry, we are excited to take Timber to the next level."

"I am beyond excited to be working with Timber!  It is inspiring to work with such a highly creative and talented team, with Founders Jonah Hall and Kevin Lau at the helm,” says Jungmann. “On top of that, Sabrina Elizondo is a dream of an EP to have as a wing-woman.  In addition to sharing the same work ethic, we have a true simpatico in how we approach the business.  Looking forward to making great work with Timber.”

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