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Join 826LA’s Time Scouts, Help Kids Now & In The Future: M&C Saatchi LA Harnesses Time Travel For New Awareness and Fundraising Campaign

Have you ever wondered about the proper care of prehistoric animals or how to blend in when you travel back to Ancient Rome? If so, look no further than the Time Scouts Handbook! Filled with writing prompts and time travel safety tips, the handbook is part of the Time Scouts campaign for 826LA by M&C Saatchi LA. Part of a national non-profit organization co-founded by Dave Eggers and Nínive Calegari, 826LA is dedicated to supporting students ages 6 to 18 with their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write.  The initiative aims to raise support of all kinds for the organization with numerous rewards - tangible, emotional, transdimensional - as highlighted in the kickstarter campaign. Go there now:

In the video accompanying the Kickstarter campaign, Marc Evan Jackson, known for his roles on the hit comedies Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Good Place  — and absolutely not a time traveler — introduces you to the Time Scouts, the 21st century chapter of 826LA’s Time Scouts Multiversal.  Magicians, special agents, and the general public can enjoy Time Gear, Time Patches, and The Handbook - not to mention the satisfaction of being on the right side of history.


Inspired by 826LA’s Time Travel Mart storefronts  - the Mar Vista and Echo Park entry portals to the world of 826LA - the campaign is the brainchild of M&C Saatchi LA’s Associate Creative Director Stephen Reidmiller and an intrepid team of the agency’s content creators, producers, writers and artists. 826LA provides after-school tutoring, evening and weekend workshops, in-school programs, and more. Previously, M&C Saatchi LA collaborated with 826LA and its students on a series of Time Travel Mart product posters. This time, they are back (and forth) to highlight the wide-reaching, future-changing effect of 826LA. Enter: Time Scouts.


“Time Scouts has been in the works for over two years. From an 80 page handbook to Time Patches, this project was a ton of fun to concept and create. I’m really excited to see how it grows over the next year,” shares Reidmiller, who developed the project in close collaboration with artist Beth Morrell. “Everyone has a story to share. Hopefully this book inspires the students of 826LA to tell theirs.”

“Time Scouts would not exist without Stephen Reidmiller, and the incredible support he has gathered to make this project happen. After two years of planning and experimenting, and with the support of M&C Saatchi LA behind us, the final result is astonishing. We are so impressed with the individuals who have come together to make this project a reality,” notes Rachel Mendelsohn, Design Manager at 826LA. 

“826LA is grateful for the support of M&C Saatchi LA from previous projects as well, like the poster series completed with our students. The creativity and resources made available to 826LA have made such an incredible impact time and time again,” adds Carinne Mangold, Store Manager at 826LA.

Camp with Cleopatra, hang with Hamilton, or simply travel across the cosmos in style. With all time and space to explore, there’s never been a better era to join Time Scouts.

Disclaimer: Time travel is not real. So pledge support and join the Time Scouts by May 9.

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Creative Director Norman Brown Joins M&C Saatchi LA
Chief Executive Officer Huw Griffith, Executive Creative Director Maria Smith, Creative Director Norman Brown, Chief Strategy Officer Kate Bristow

Chief Executive Officer Huw Griffith, Executive Creative Director Maria Smith, Creative Director Norman Brown, Chief Strategy Officer Kate Bristow

M&C Saatchi LA is excited to welcome Creative Director Norman Brown. Brown is a multi-disciplinary creative with over 15 years of experience in advertising, with a focus on art direction and design solutions for brands worldwide.

“M&C Saatchi’s ethos ‘Brutal Simplicity of Thought’ is the essence of impactful design and something that I strive for in my work, so it is a welcome opportunity to be surrounded by others who operate with this belief,” comments Brown. “It’s a culture fueled by entrepreneurs and creative thinkers who see clients as partners in the process of uniting strategy and design to build brands.” 

Brown joins the agency’s creative leadership and will work alongside M&C Saatchi LA Executive Creative Director Maria Smith, who relates. “Norman’s experience is impressive and he inspires everyone around him to produce more elevated work. It’s that perspective and guiding hand that makes Norman a true creative partner for clients and his colleagues.”

Practically born into advertising, Brown’s mother was an agency VP Director of Broadcast and Print Traffic who fostered his appreciation for film and fine arts. Photography, an ever-present pursuit and influence, led him to film school and the entertainment industry. Brown’s vast experience with visual artistry for brands began after graduating from Cal Arts when he joined the Attik in San Francisco. He returned to Los Angeles with an intensified appreciation for design thinking having grown into the Art Director and Senior Art Director roles.

Over the years, Brown has turned concepts into comprehensible products and brand elevating engagements for Subaru, Honda, Lexus, Real California Milk, Sprint and The Delano Hotel and others via agencies Deutsch, RPA, Team One and Mullen Lowe, as well as in-house at Uber. One of the most personally gratifying projects, he recalls, was a multi-platform campaign for Lexus that encouraged real connections and meaningful interactions. It culminated with December To Remember snow day and fundraiser benefiting the Boys & Girls Club.

“Advertising has the power to help ideas grow into something beautiful, whether connected to a cause, developing identity, or expanding perception,” he says. “Maria and the entire team at M&C Saatchi share an appreciation for building things that are ownable and meaningful, be it for business objective or social good. That makes for an inspiring place to be.”

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M&C Saatchi LA Embarks On A “Safari, Aussie Style,” A 360 Campaign Launching San Diego Zoo Global’s New Safari Park Experience: Walkabout Australia
Welcome to Walkabout copy.jpg

"Before one can run, one must learn to walkabout." To celebrate the opening of Walkabout Australia, San Diego Zoo Safari Park’s new interactive safari, agency M&C Saatchi LA has launched “Safari, Aussie Style. Embracing the Way of the Roo.” The campaign is guided by Kanguru, an endearingly free-spirited, bohemian Australian with a Southern Californian flower-child attitude. Along the Walkabout, he encounters some of the fauna that inspire his positive outlook. Visitors to Walkabout Australia can do the same, while they explore 3.6 acres of everything awesomely Aussie in four different habitats.

The creative team that brought the campaign to life was a unique mix of Australians and SoCal natives, notes Maria Smith, Executive Creative Director, M&C Saatchi LA. “We all brought our different perspectives to creating spots that capture just how awesome it is to be able to get up close and interact with some of Australia’s most fascinating creatures, in the heart of southern California.”

The campaign includes spots for broadcast and theatrical release, directed by Gentlemen (Brett Snider and Billy Federighi) that air throughout the summer.  “Welcome to Walkabout,” is a centerpiece: 30 spot that introduces the Way of the Roo with the affable Kanguru and his furry and feathered Aussie mates. Kanguru’s inviting and over-the-top positivity also connects via accompanying radio spots featuring philosophical “Roo-isms.”

Welcome to Walkabout:

Staying Grounded:

Paw Reading:


“Our Kanguru serves as an ambassador of fun. He is both silly and sincere in his delivery as he introduces everyone to the Way of the Roo, Walkabout Australia is an enlightened path of adventure with animals and memorable family fun,” says Ted Molter, Chief Marketing Officer, San Diego Zoo Global.

The print and out of home campaign highlights the interactive quality of the safari, presenting kids and animals together in a key art series awash with bold color. Elements from “Way Of The Roo,” were also integrated into a new AR App “Danceabout Australia” produced by Red Interactive, now featured within the AR Apps category within the Apple App Store.

Walkabout Australia offers a safari experience with Australia’s extraordinary creatures on a scale that has never been done before. Eighty percent of Australia’s animal species are unique to the region, including the red-necked wallaby, western gray kangaroo, magpie goose, radjah shelduck and the freckled duck.

“Australia is an extraordinary place, and we are thrilled to provide a snapshot of some of its wonders at the all-new Walkabout Australia experience at the Safari Park,” elaborates Lisa Peterson, Director, San Diego Zoo Safari Park. "Not only does Walkabout Australia allow us to connect people to the region’s fascinating wildlife, but it adds another dimension to San Diego Zoo Global’s efforts to save species, such as the cassowary and the endangered Matschie’s tree kangaroo.”

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M&C Saatchi LA Embarks On The Someday Ride With BMW Motorrad USA

Young and old, aspiring and experienced, female and male: everyone has an adventure that they dream of taking someday. To inspire people to seize the moment, BMW Motorrad USA and M&C Saatchi LA harness the freedom and joy of the open road in the short film – The Someday Ride.

With two BMW bikes, a sister and brother embark on a journey through the winding roads and striking vistas of Southern and Central California, and into the Eastern Sierras. Traversing nearly 400 miles in four days, the film captures the magic of achieving the ride they always wanted. No excuses, no interruptions, just time spent appreciating the moment. The film is released via social and digital channels.

“We wanted to tell people that getting out on that adventure you may have dreamt about is easier than you might think,” says Ron Tapia, M&C Saatchi LA Creative Director. “The film was an exciting opportunity to speak to both legacy and new motorcyclists by taking them along for the ride - with a sister playfully pushing her younger brother to “take the leap” and beautiful BMW motorcycles to carry the story.”

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M&C Saatchi LA Promotes Long-Term Executives

M&C Saatchi LA has promoted three of its key executives to senior positions to help run the agency. All three have been with M&C Saatchi for over 10 years. Ron Tapia takes on the role of Creative Director, and Mike Wilton and Rebecca McGough have each been promoted to Managing Director. The trio will sit on the Executive Leadership Board running the expanding set of companies in the LA group.

Ron Tapia joined the agency in 2007 as an art director and has provided creative leadership and vision to the agency’s work over the past decade. He has helmed projects for such M&C Saatchi LA clients as VIZIO and BMW Motorrad. His recent work for the San Diego Zoo’s Africa Rocks exhibit was given a permanent home this year in the lithography collection of the Huntington Library.

Rebecca McGough and Mike Wilton will take on the day-to-day running of the agency, working closely with Huw Griffith, CEO & Partner, Kate Bristow Chief, Strategy Officer & Partner, and Maria Smith, Executive Creative Director.

Rebecca McGough started her career at the London office in 2007, moving to LA four years ago to run UGG Australia. Since then, McGough has led the team to grow and win many integrated pieces of business, including the Pacific Life AOR account. Mike Wilton also started at the London agency in 2007 and moved to the West Coast three years ago to spearhead Epson America and San Diego Zoo, two of the agency’s longest standing partnerships. From there, he has helped lead the agency to success on the BMW Motorrad and Fox Restaurant Concepts AOR pitches, among other key projects and accounts. 

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