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Bullitt Welcomes Director Geordie Stephens

Director Geordie Stephens has joined the Bullitt family of directors. His diverse body of work is defined by tapping simple human truths and unexpected situations to produce genuine emotion and comedic impact. The ongoing conversation between brand and viewer has been explored throughout Stephens’ career both on as a director and as an agency creative.

“Having been a huge fan of Geordie’s work for a long time and I’m thrilled that he’s joining the Bullitt family,” says Bullitt EP/President Luke Ricci. “His comedic and visual chops are of the highest caliber and I’m constantly impressed with the way he finds layer upon layer of nuance to his shots and performances resulting in richly textured content that cuts through the clutter.”

“Bullitt is a culturally relevant, filmmaker-driven company, which makes it an especially interesting place to create,” comments Stephens. “Their fearless approach to branded storytelling is the ultimate director’s playground – informed by an expertise in entertainment-charged advertising.”

Raised by in an artistic community by radical parents, Geordie was a world-class gymnast who gave up endless hours of practice to study installation art, graphic design, and museum design. As he moved from the intensity of gymnastics to the precision thrill of cliff diving, Stephens also leapt into agency art direction and creative direction. At Crispin Porter & Bogusky in Miami Stephens was named one of the top 25 global art directors for the award-winning campaigns for IKEA, Truth, Virgin Atlantic, Burger King, Sprite, and VW (Grand Clio winner). He went on to work for a number of creative agencies before transitioning to the director role.

In directing, Stephens has found a perfect home for his enduring passion for narrative. His penchant for irreverent, playful social commentary has earned awards and recognition at Cannes, AICP, and The One Show. Among his noted projects are collaborations for Amazon, The Grammys, Days Inn, and Freedom Mobile – with more to come. View Stephens work and find out more at and by following his adventures on Instagram @Geordie1027.

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Bullitt's Shelley Lewis Directs Zappos Campaign for Agency Plan A

Bullitt Director Shelley Lewis worked with agency Plan A in the creation of four charming and colorful spots for Zappos that showcase the retailer’s renowned customer service. Highlights include free shipping, a yearlong return window, 24/7 customer support, and a judgment free zone should you forget someone’s birthday.

The campaign, the first for Zappos via Plan A, can be viewed here:

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Director/Photographer Noah Conopask Brings Visionary Talent To Bullitt

Bullitt announced today that director/photographer Noah Conopask has joined its filmmaking collective. A meticulous planner of stories that embody powerful moments of anticipation, kinetic energy, and emotional performance, Noah has directed projects for a variety of brands including Bose, Red Bull, and Eastbay. His Commonwealth Games film for the BBC was honored with a gold award at the Ciclope Festival in Berlin. Photography has also been an ever-present part of Noah’s life, and his innate talent for capturing a story in a single frame is revealed in his popular Instagram channel.

“I’m delighted to welcome Noah to the Bullitt roster,” says Bullitt President/EP Luke Ricci. “What I love about his storytelling is the epic scope he brings to the films he makes while never sacrificing the nuance of character and emotion.  All of us at Bullitt are excited about working with Noah and producing great content together.”

Noah first discovered the impact of capturing human struggle on film as he documented his childhood buddies skating on a neighborhood half-pipe in Arnold, Maryland. He subsequently transferred that passion into shooting world-class athletes and celebrities across the globe. His early career melded burgeoning immersive and interactive experiences with design thinking; a natural connection point for Bullitt’s expanded reach into VR, AR and other exploratory projects in advertising and entertainment. For Noah, wanderlust includes both global travel and alternate, crafted realities.

“Bullitt understands how the lane is broadening and have embraced different formats and perspectives from the start – all with a cinematic level of production,” comments Noah Conopask. “With these factors and the collective body of work produced to date; I’m in exceptional company and excited to see what we can make together.”

In his branded work, energetic meditations on the human condition are relayed in sublime moments of both fragility and strength. He transforms expectations and elevates advertising into visionary films. Inherent to that process is “a burning desire to inspire everyone involved dig deep within and give the film everything he or she has. Blood, sweat, tears, laughs. Constructive trust, whether an actor, blue chip athlete, scientist, or an aviator, is essential. When everyone is a shareholder in the experience, beautiful results occur.”

To find out more about Noah, please visit or follow him on Instagram @noahconopask

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Award-Winning Director Shelley Lewis Brings Her Captivating Storytelling To Bullitt

Enveloping stories, exquisitely told. Director Shelley Lewis has joined filmmaking collective Bullitt for exclusive US representation. Known for her strong visual approach and unique sense of humor, Shelley Lewis marries bold, striking visuals with compelling storytelling in films, music videos and commercials. A lifelong athlete, her work includes stories of hard work and transformation, emotional and physical. This originality and interesting perspective has won her numerous awards, and earned her a coveted place in the Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors Showcase at Cannes.

“Shelley’s work is extraordinary - it’s authentically captivating and immediately made me want to know the person that brought these unique projects to life,” says Allison Amon, Bullitt EVP, Sales & Development. “As we’ve gotten to know her and her body of work, it’s clear why she stands out. We are excited and honored to represented her unique, creative voice and vision at Bullitt."

“At a time when advertising is dramatically evolving, I’m excited to be a part of a company that is so forward thinking. Having the filmmakers be true creative partners makes the possibilities feel limitless. It’s inspiring,” comments Lewis. “I already feel a part of the family, which is wonderful, and look forward to what we create together.”

Shelley Lewis has shot spots for Panasonic, Starbucks, Angie’s List and the Paralympic Games, a music video for Broken Social Scene’s Brendan Canning and a short film for the Vancouver International Film Festival. Most recently, Shelley was commissioned by the San Francisco Dance Film Festival to create the award-winning short, “Battle”, now touring the international film festival circuit. She also once helped build a solar car to race across America.

In her previous life, Shelley was an art director in Toronto. As a junior, she and her partner had an idea for a TV spot involving a tampon and a bottle of red wine. Cannes and other honors followed, and she hasn’t looked back since.

Shelley is also a proud member of Free The Bid and Cinefemme.

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Director Peyton Wilson Joins Bullitt

Bullitt is excited to welcome filmmaker Peyton Wilson to its growing and diverse roster of directing talent. The signing follows the recent release of two of Wilson’s short documentaries on Upworthy. Presented by Bullitt Entertainment, the films explore how life-changing events define meaning for starkly different subjects. In advertising as in film, Wilson is known for eliciting emotion through a balance of wonder and relatable subjects, most recently the “First-Ever” campaign for Ford EcoSport, which captures pinnacle moments for people who have dreams of doing something extraordinary. She is a member of Free The Bid.

Peyton’s breadth of experience and body of work is very impressive and we’re grateful for the collaboration to come,” explains Bullitt President/EP Luke Ricci. “She’s expert at harnessing incredible emotionally felt performances in authentic contexts from both professional actors and real people in a way that truly connects audiences to her work and its characters. We’re excited that Peyton is now a part of the Bullitt family and thrilled to be supporting the commercial and branded entertainment aspect of her career.”

“Bullitt was founded to expand boundaries by working in all forms of storytelling,” comments Wilson. “Since I direct both branded and unbranded projects, this perspective is energizing and the right environment for all that I love to do. I’m excited to see what we create together.”

Renowned for documentary and docu-style explorations for all screens, her work includes a piece for Norton that brings attention to the effects of online bullying, and the "Reinvent My Story" campaign for HP (BBDO). Other noted commercial projects include "Louisa" as part of Dove's "Amazing Moments" series (Ogilvy & Mather UK), a campaign for the U.S. Navy (Campbell-Ewald) featuring a reservist and chaplain whose poignant narratives unfold in authentically documented stories; and an integrated campaign for Nokia about TED Fellows (Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam).

A California native, Peyton has always punctuated a love for the great outdoors with a focus on writing and filmmaking. Her documentary films include the acclaimed fighter pilot feature “Speed and Angels.” Honored with festival awards, the film also screened at Smithsonian Air and Space Museum before being broadcast on Discovery Channel. Her documentary short “The Bronzer” enjoyed a successful festival run and rave reviews.

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