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Directing Duo Eady Bros & New Executive Producer Suzanne Fallon Join Ataboy Studios

Ataboy Studios, a creative production company born in New York City with partners in New Zealand, has added LA-based directing duo Joshua & Jordan Eady to their growing roster of talent. The blood brothers combined their multifaceted talents and deep passion for storytelling to create the Eady Bros.

Best known for their award-winning ability to capture real people in an authentic way, Joshua & Jordan Eady have put their relationship to the test traveling the globe telling stories for the likes of NBC, Nike, Esquire, MTV, ESPN, Adidas, the Food Network and more. With a list of collaborators such as Richard Branson, A$AP Rocky, Kevin Durant, Nelly Furtado and more, the Eady Bros. continue to make their mark by gearing up for ambitious feature projects for Netflix and Amazon.

“We joined Ataboy because of the attention that was given to us right from the beginning. They made us feel loved and welcomed us into their family with open arms,” share The Eady Bros. “We wanted to join forces with creative partners that could help integrate our unique style to craft messages of brands and agencies. Ataboy has an extreme amount of respect for our way of storytelling and is already pairing us up with clients that are perfect for our style.”

 “Josh and Jordan are adventurers who take a creative approach to film that’s breathtakingly innovative and inspiring,” says Brooke Williams, Ataboy’s Head of Marketing & New Business. “The crisp storytelling, smart production design and organic brand integration expertise they bring to Ataboy makes this duo equipped to tackle any project.”

Additionally, Suzanne Fallon takes the reins as Ataboy’s new Executive Producer. She brings over 15 years of experience producing at outfits like Crossroads and 89 Editorial where she worked on projects with the Beastie Boys and Steely Dan; running operations for PostWorks where she helped grow it into the hub it is today for feature and network episodic work and acting as Post Super on Bruce Springsteen’s “Live in Barcelona” for Thom Zimny. Since then, Fallon has produced for various agencies and brands such as Toyota, L’Oreal and Wendy’s amongst others.

 “I'm beyond excited to be working with this creative group of people at Ataboy that are all invested in making the best work possible,” she explains. “It’s a real studio mentality -- you aren’t just getting our director, you’re getting the whole team. We love tackling creative challenges together and discover the best ideas bouncing things around. The ability to be so collaborative and technique agnostic allows us to pursue new ways of telling a story. Clients trust us to help elevate their vision. I already feel like part of the family.”

"The addition of Sue Fallon feels like a breath of fresh air the studios has needed,” shares Founder of the studios Vikkal Parikh. “For almost a year, we sought out the experience, leadership, energy and passion she brings as our new Executive Producer. We're ecstatic to have her on board with us as we enter another phase of growth and studio expansion with her as our leader."

Ataboy’s range of storytelling talents spans live-action, stop-motion, traditional animation, 2D/3D animation, motion graphics, VFX and typography.

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