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Arcade Editors Call On Gaming World To Prep Squads For Action In Call Of Duty’s New, Worldwide Campaign

Arcade Editors Geoff Hounsell, Paul Martinez & Graham Chisholm re-unite lifelong gaming squads in a hilarious international campaign for popular video game franchise “Call of Duty.” The three spots bring together a variety of comrades in different corners of the world, as they search for one another through cheeky plot twists in celebration of the new installment of the franchise.

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Arcade’s Dave Anderson Edits Comedic Interpretations of NFL’s Fantasy Football

With the NFL Football season in full swing, Snickers is bringing the laughs with new campaign spots “Fantasy Night” and “Number One Fantasy,” edited by Arcade’s Dave Anderson. The spots center around fans in football gatherings misinterpreting the meaning of “Fantasy,” done with brilliant comedic timing through Anderson’s measured edit.

To view the spots, click here:

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