“Airport Hangar As Big Top” | Hype's Jessie Nagel for the Santa Monica Observer

Photo by Tara McVicar.

Artist Allison Bagg. Photo by Tara McVicar.

Jessie Nagel:

This year's Los Angeles fair was held at Barker Hangar at the Santa Monica airport on a hot September weekend. To immerse oneself in this sphere of prolific artists is to collide with the primal human drive to create.

It is a buoyant and hopeful feeling to see the dedication and output by hundreds of artists in a single exhibit space. Some visitors might struggle to curate their viewing experience in such an abundant atmosphere; personal interaction is a handy compass to navigate this vast sea of people dreaming and doing.

Within the Hangar, exhibitors and visitors engaged in inquiry-based conversations from a foundational love of fine art, some with kids, dogs, and cocktails in tow. Artists with work in myriad styles, mediums, methodologies apply to The Other Art Fair via an online portal and, if accepted, pay for an exhibit space. The booths become micro galleries, decorated to draw in passersby. Looking closer is the key. It is, after all, an event of discovery.

Read Jessie’s full piece in the Santa Monica Observer.

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