Timber & Coca-Cola Embrace The Future Of Advertising With Augmented Reality


With the new wave of Augmented Reality transforming industries in recent years, Coca-Cola invites viewers to take an immersive AR plunge through their app in collaboration with VFX powerhouse Timber. With months of meticulous development, Timber worked with the agency to create 3D elements needed for the interactive AR experience where users are able to point their phone’s camera at a can of Coke and witness one of 12 delightful stories come to life. The stories each revolve around a minor conflict, where animated characters engage in a light-hearted exchange leading to an outcome that was more favorable by sharing a Coke. From the environments to the characters and overall animation, Timber took the lead in creating a captivating world that elevated the consumer experience, with opportunities to interact with products while entertaining users young and old.

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