Beverly Hills-Based Law Firm YR Expands Mediation Services, Spearheaded by Co-Founder/Partner Barbara J. Youngman

Barbara J Youngman.jpg

The law firm of Youngman Reitshtein (YR) is expanding its Mediation Services with a new venture spearheaded by Partner Barbara J. Youngman. As a founding Partner of the Beverly Hills-based firm, Youngman has exclusively handled family law matters for over twenty years. Her litigation experience includes divorces, parentage actions, domestic violence restraining order trials, and Department of Child Support Services cases. Now, she plans on further developing the firm’s work with Mediation clients as a means of conflict resolution. 

“I’ve been practicing family law for a very long time,” notes Youngman, “and one of the biggest recent trends has been the movement towards Mediation and Collaborative Law. Mediated and Collaborative divorces are typically a better approach to dissolving a marriage than litigation. For one thing, Mediation and Collaborative Law, by their very nature, are instrumental in diffusing the level of anger that both parties can bring to a litigated divorce.  For another, staying out of court means that the parties get to make all of the decisions instead of having those decisions made by a judge who knows nothing about a party’s needs or the needs of one’s children.”  

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