Vagabond Production Services Partner/Executive Producer Gabriel Carratu Re-Locates to Spain from Latin America; Further Expands Company’s Reach in Europe

Gabriel Carratu

Gabriel Carratu

Vagabond Partner/Executive Producer Gabriel Carratu ventures to Spain from his long-term base in Latin America to spearhead the opening of a new office in Barcelona and further expand the company’s reach in Europe. Carratu and Vagabond Founder/Managing Director Lorenzo Benedick have wrapped up a series of projects for the first half of 2019. The powerful duo will spend this week in New York as sponsors and attendees of this year’s AICP Conference, before Carratu re-locates to Spain.

“When we started Vagabond, our first step was to set up strategically in the key production places of Latin America: Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, and Uruguay,” says Benedick. “Four years ago, we started the second step by setting up in the most important production center of Europe for production services, building a team and a new office in Barcelona.”

“This year as a part of our expansion, I decided to move to Barcelona with my family,” adds Carratu. “For a new challenge, and also to be part of the production team alongside our very experienced Producer Fernando Bofill. I want to bring all the experience developed in Latin America to make a big push and provide the best production service and commitment to our clients, not only in Barcelona, but all over Spain and Portugal. One of the great advantages and added value of Vagabond is that our clients can count on a personalized service in each and every project that we produce.”

Vagabond’s Carratu is an Executive Producer with more than 30 years in the advertising/commercial industry. He started working in Uruguay as a Camera Operator and Assistant Director, as well as directed several commercials. This gave him the experience to know all the different areas in the production process. He worked as a Producer for international productions all over Latin America, the U.S., Spain and Portugal with production companies such as Mill+, MPC, Knucklehead, Anonymous, Somesuch, Skunk, Greenpoint, Bang, Niceshirt, Stink, Quad, Caviar, Tempomedia, Passion, Moxie, Insurrection, Cadence, Blackdog, Acne, Mssngpeces and Mediamonks, among others. Part of Vagabond since 2002, Carratu has been building the entire network with his friend and Partner Lorenzo Benedick.

Vagabond has enjoyed an incredible year so far for 2019, collaborating in Spain on a series of automotive commercials, including spots for Enovate, Jeep, Renault, Kia, Bentley, Jaguar and Mercedes. The company also worked on commercials for Nike, Sporting Bet and Palace Ralph Lauren. In Latin America, Vagabond provided production services for a diversity of advertising campaigns, including commercial campaigns for Mountain Dew, Visa, HP, Club Med, Lavazza, Huawei, Avon, Facebook, Lidl and Bayer.

Vagabond is proud to be a member and sponsor of the AICP in the U.S., the APCP in Chile and Film Brazil. Vagabond has also become involved in a very important philanthropic and ecological project through the non-profit organization Amazon Watch. Amazon Watch works to preserve the Amazon rainforest, its indigenous communities and ecosystems, from the threats of deforestation and oil drilling. They operate in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, countries where Vagabond is present and active too.