Seeing & Hearing The “Moments Made” For Mohawk


Families know that each day is full of bustling activity from the moment the alarm rings to the clicking off of the bedside light. More moments made on Mohawk - accidental, playful, purposeful - layer into cherished memories in a new spot narrated by Molly Ringwald for The Richards Group. Supporting the heart-bursting slices of life are the water splashes, clacking footfall, scraping chairs, and robust chatter that makes a house a home.  Lucky Post’s Scottie Richardson created this soundscape to seamlessly blend with the visual narrative, edited by Logan Hefflefinger, and envelop viewers in each welcoming environment. Richardson also engineered the remote record session with Ringwald, whose voice adds the knowing warmth of someone who understands your world. And sure, that world may include a giant dog shaking water on the floor or a dropped science project scattering in the kitchen. But that’s okay, because under it all is the winsome beauty of Mohawk.

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