FXX + Archer + Lord Danger = You Won't Believe What Comes Next (Phrasing)

All the classic catchphrases you love are remixed, mashed and dialed to eleven in the way you'd expect from Mike Diva and the wizards at Lord Danger. In other words, you might not have seen this coming (phrasing).

Archer Nocturnal Missions; the FXX late night block featuring classic Archer episodes airs twice weekly on Tuesday and Friday from midnight and follows the hijinks of the world’s best secret agent (a secret he’ll gladly share with anyone). Lovingly spoofing Bond, excessive machismo, and occasionally Smokey and the Bandit, the series’ absurdity and intelligence have resonated with audiences since the series premiered in 2009.

FXX approached Lord Danger for a sixty-second ‘remix’ music video style promo seeking a fresh, absurdist re-imagination of Archer. With the show’s footage and a list of restrictions — a list that practically nixed most of season 5 — Lord Danger immersed themselves into everything Archer creating a music track to perfectly accompany some of the show’s signature moments and quips.

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