Chapeau's VFX Brings Anxieties to Life in SimpliSafe's Super Bowl Spot "Fear is Everywhere"

Home security leader SimpliSafe made its Super Bowl debut this year with "Fear Is Everywhere," a 30-second spot that addresses the paranoia and anxieties of modern-day life. Even if the news gets stranger every day, health scares are a constant, and neighborhood chatter raises concerns, SimpliSafe helps people ensure their home is a place where they can relax and fear less.

SimpliSafe's presence in the Super Bowl was a breakthrough for the home security category. The big game's audience tunes in both for the football and the premiere advertising, and SimpliSafe's commitment to tapping into the zeitgeist required a quick turnaround. Bringing the spot to life required a careful orchestration of creative partners including effects and finish by Chapeau.

A pioneering leader in co-location collaboration, Chapeau efficiently set up the company's state of the art server and Flame system in Austin, where the team's lead artists spearheaded the commercial's visual effects while seamlessly integrating with artists at Chapeau in Los Angeles. With this approach, Chapeau was able to get ahead of the over 50 visual effects shots, giving clients the opportunity to make creative changes in a fluid integration with everyone involved to deliver for the Big Game day.

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