Cut+Run Editor Aika Miyake and Jordan Come Together For “UNITE: Chapter One”

Jordan knows that basketball means family. In “UNITE” PASSERINE Director Adam Tillman-Young and Cut+Run Editor Aika Miyake teamed up to show how these family ties are forged on the court with every win, and every loss. It is formed off the court by our camaraderie in support of our favorite team. As players and spectators, we never fly alone. We are united. We are family.

“This really was a dream project - everyone involved was welcoming and the footage was incredible,” says Editor Aika Miyake. “I feel honored to contribute to such a great message. It was a joy to edit.”

“I’m so thankful to have had our first film for Jordan Brand’s UNITE campaign in Aika’s editorial hands,” says PASSERINE Co-Founder & Director Adam Tillman-Young. “What we couldn’t have known from her impressive reel alone was the invaluable personal experience and perspective Aika would bring to the heroic representation of the subjects of our film. This was bigger than just another commercial for us, and we couldn’t have asked for more capable and supportive partners than Cut + Run to help bring our creative vision to life!”

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