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Matt Ogens

Matt Ogens

Matt Ogens:

The Sand & Fortune Cookies

It wouldn’t seem like these two would go together, but in my mind they’re inseparable.

When I travel for work or fun, I’ll seek out a local beach and take a vial of sand for my collection. I mark where and when it’s from so each time I see it, I’m reminded of that trip, the experiences, and the people who made a mark on me.

Similarly, one of my great joys is Chinese food.

I love the authentic restaurants in Chinatown in NYC. Whenever I go somewhere new, if there’s a killer Chinese restaurant, I’ll find it.

My favorite part of the meal is the fortune cookie. I keep a collection of the fortunes, like the sand, from around the world.

There’s just something about them that gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling and brings me back to that meal and the company I shared.

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