Ataboy Studios Takes Flight With Transcendent Virgin Galactic Campaign, New Director Signing & Expansion of Global Partnerships

A leading creative production company at the forefront of impactful visual storytelling, Ataboy Studios continues to make its mark across the content advertising space with Director Corydon Wagner’s new Virgin Galactic campaign, the signing of Director Noah Sterling, and an expansion of global partnerships.

Noah Sterling

Launched in New York City with partners in New Zealand, Ataboy celebrates the new signing of Director of Branded Content Noah Sterling -- widely known as the creator of Marvel’s “Marvel TL;DR” animated web series and animated shorts behind Marvel’s “Today in Marvel History” campaign. The videos have been viewed millions of times across Marvel’s tremendous digital audience that boasts over 50 million fans, and showcased at the prestigious San Diego Comic-Con. Sterling has led the pitch development of numerous animated series for both TV and streaming platforms. His foothold in the “geek-culture” landscape has made him a sought-after Development Director for major networks seeking new serialized content. Sterling also contributes as Adjunct Professor at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. He joins Ataboy to introduce and expand his talents into the network, commercial and gaming worlds, further lending to more branded work. 

“Partnering with Ataboy studios is an incredibly exciting step in my career that allows me to collaborate with some of the best local and international artists,” says Sterling. “I also look forward to working with the many exceptional brands and clients that trust Ataboy to deliver their message in the most visually dynamic ways possible.”


Ataboy has mastered a variety of media techniques over the years, from Live Action to Miniatures, high-end Animation and Motion Design. The unique, craft and technique-centric approach behind their international teams can be seen in works like Director Corydon Wagner’s stunning new campaign for Virgin Galactic. Transcending viewer consciousness with ethereal visuals and a moving narrative, Wagner created a campaign that champions our future while highlighting fundamental human experiences that schematically shift our understanding of the world we live in. 

“In setting our sights on Virgin Galactic, a company dedicated to the pursuit of putting people in space, what better way to describe the feeling than to ground it in its earthly counterparts: love, risk, liberation and reaching into the unknown,” shares Wagner. “We’ve all been here, so perhaps we can imagine what it will feel like, one day, to be there.” 

Collaborating with agencies, networks, and brands directly, Corydon’s work has spanned the globe from India to South Africa, receiving a Young Director Award at the Cannes Golden Lion Festival amongst a slew of high-profile accolades, while gaining reputation as a digital humanist with a tech-happy streak.  

In alignment with their roster expansion, and collaborative opportunities with “Harry Potter and The Cursed Child,” Progressive, MassMutual, Unilever and Mercedes Smart Car, Ataboy Studios continues to grow its global partnerships spectrum with international brands IKEA, Lay’s, Facebook, Group Nine Media, Schneider Electric and American Express. The ongoing growth of collaborations reflects the studio’s ability to design solutions with an inclusive approach, which in turn holistically addresses a wide variety of creative content needs by agencies and brands alike. Since the launch in 2006 by Vikkal Parikh, Ataboy has consistently evoked the question - “how did they do that?” - with Marketing and New Business led by Brooke Williams. 

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