Rude Dude & Super Kind Ride Again In LA Metro Manners Campaign Featuring Danny Trejo

Super Kind and Rude Dude are back in the new Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) campaign by creative production studio Lord Danger and Director Mike Diva.  In “Wait Your Turn,” Danny Trejo, the ultimate barometer of bad, lays down codes of conduct in response to a pushing, shoving Rude Dude. Part PSA, part music video, “No Loud Music” stars Super Kind (played by super talent Anna Akana) in the in a hard rocking call to silence. “No Buying From Vendors” hilariously riffs on knock offs, as Rude Dude peddles cheap imitations with “Supernice and Rude Boi.” It’s the ultimate throw-down in the ongoing showdown of manners launching via social channels, print and online on September 13, 2018.

No loud music:

Wait your turn to enter:

No vending:

Last year, Metro introduced Rude Dude, a furry manifestation of bad behavior, and Super Kind, the Anime style Super Hero who opposes Rude Dude’s transgressions. With this bold, irreverent take on a manners initiative, the inaugural campaign earned over 5 million views and generated worldwide media attention.

Created with Metro by Lord Danger and Mike Diva, the 2017 campaign will be honored at the American Public Transportation Association, APTA as the Grand Prize Winner for best campaign to educate transit riders. Mike Diva is known for eyeball-grabbing original media creations, harnessed for brands via Lord Danger.

Metro provides about 1.3 million rides daily on a vast network of bus and rail lines. With that many customers, following codes of conduct can make a big difference in efficiency and safety. It’s fundamental, but no one likes a lecture. Luckily, Super Kind and Rude Dude are here to turn rule abiding into something as original as the city Metro serves.

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