Spittn Image Creative Director Shawnette Heard & Choreographer LU Premiere Heavy-Hitting Music Video “Ain’t Right”


Spittn Image Creative Director Shawnette Heard and up-and-coming director LU recently joined forces to create the new dance showpiece “Ain’t Right,” with Heard heading the project as lead Producer. The music video features prominent faces in the dance industry: Tony Tzar and Lex Lu, with music produced by Canadian Choreographer and Director Luther Brown, otherwise known as LU. As one of the most sought-after choreographers on the scene today, LU has worked with chart-topping artists including Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson, and Gwen Stefani. He can also be seen as a resident choreographer on the hit show “So You Think You Can Dance.”

Click here to view the video: http://www.spittnimage.com/spittnimage-indie/aint-right.html

While producing the “Ain’t Right” music video, Heard was also involved with Debbie Reynolds Scholarship Program’s “Synergy” show. As a highlighted Dance Educator at the renowned Debbie Reynolds Legacy Studios, Heard was invited to produce the show’s video content in collaboration with Creative Director and Head of the Scholarship Department Erin Marino. The Scholarship Program carries the legacy of one of Hollywood's most legendary stars, Debbie Reynolds, who set a high bar for herself that in turn has been infused into the studio.

“We are fortunate to have Producer and Director, Shawnette Heard, on faculty at our Studio, and it was only natural to put our trust in her and the Spittn Image team to reach those standards with the footage for our stage show,” shares Marino. “We couldn't have asked for a better experience for our dancers and our team. Not only did we capture beautiful imagery, but the day was seamless and enjoyable for everyone involved.”

With rave reviews from critics and audiences alike, Heard and Spittn Image hope that the show’s positive recognition emphasizes the creative forces within as the company looks to expand their “Stage Show” video content department.

Spittn Image is also excited to announce that “The Witching Hour” short film, directed by Shawnette is currently in postproduction, gearing up for the film festival circuit in 2019.

For more information on upcoming projects from Heard and Spittn Image, visit www.spittnimage.com.

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