Lucky Post’s Sai Selvarajan Edits Rabbit Foot Brand Doc “Try And Love” for YETI

YETI presents “Try And Love,” a short documentary, edited by Lucky Post’s Sai Selvarajan, that honors the wild majesty of American professional bull riding and the quiet intensity of the man known for his dedication to developing champion animals: HD Page. View it here:

“From being a bull rider, to a bull raiser, to a bull handler, to a bull flanker, to a cowboy, whatever you want to talk about, HD’s going to have an answer,” remarks Ty Murray, World Champion Bull Rider, during the film. Twists, turns, steely fortitude, and hard work define champion riding and the lives of those who live and love the sport. Starting at the age of 12, Page’s passion was forged in riding and transformed when cowboy injuries inspired him to raise bulls. Today, on his ranch outside of Oklahoma, World Champion Stock Contractor HD Page is a master of producing bulls that are born to buck. Late into the night he cares for his stock, giants and legends like HD himself.

“The goal was to boldly combine head and heart to share the story of a man, and how that adds up to a portrait of one of the best in the sport,” says editor Sai Selvarajan. “I learned so much about the community surrounding bull riding and hopefully this project brings to light an ecosystem we don’t often see working together – that people experience something they don’t see everyday – people like HD who love the animals and the sport.”

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