kaboom’s erik moe Finds Effervescent Comedy In Sparking Ice Marketing Mayhem


Nothing goes better with Bread n Butter than Sparkling Ice, as evident in the new campaign directed by kaboom’s erik moe. The spots are a comedic take on the advertising industry, where an effervescent duo of eager interns seeks original ways to sell Sparkling Ice. A music video, spinning prize wheels, and viral stunts – all make their boss think WTF. What The Flavor, that is. 

According to Tommy Hernandez, Creative Director: “Working with kaboom was to have a true partner in the creative process from start to delivery. Erik’s passion for comedy and talent in eliciting amazing performances were not only essential, but made the experience as fun as what you see on the screen.” 

Watch the intern antics here:

“WTF” https://vimeo.com/284014660

“Dis Rap” https://vimeo.com/284014627

“Fruit Wheel” https://vimeo.com/284014556

“Fruit Rocket” https://vimeo.com/284014523

In addition to production, kaboom produced the project through post including the collaboration with kaboom director/editor doug werby who cut the campaign. 

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