Director/DP Michael Bernard Focuses On The Bigger Picture

Michael - Bigger Picture.jpg

The Bigger Picture is excited to welcome Director/DP Michael Bernard to its growing roster of directors and creative collaborators. The signing comes as Bernard and The Bigger Picture are on a multi-city campaign for a luxury car brand, which will break in the coming months.

“Michael is a prolific director and a bold explorer of new ideas who gives everything to a project for amazing results on screen,” says The Bigger Picture Founder/EP Tracy Mays. “His exceptional style is evident in everything he makes; what stands out is his ability to connect with subjects in any genre, and to reveal something unique in the process.”

Michael Bernard represents a compelling combination of influences: The most profound is developing emotional connections through visual narratives. Among them, a documentary series “Finding Bespoke,” that explores stories of makers who bring an unwavering passion and deeply personal connection to a craft, from violin masterworks to custom designed shoes.

Los Angeles-based and London raised, Bernard first made his mark as a photographer and DP, before expanding his artful eye to creative consulting and directing commercials along with other branded projects. As a DP on music videos for a wide range of artists -- The Stones, Madonna, Missy Elliot, Tom Petty – Bernard imbued each project a distinctly cinematic look, spanning many styles and genres. Bernard’s talent for capturing beauty in its many forms and unexpected places has resulted in collaborations with top carmakers, fashion, and lifestyle brands seeking what could be called Cinematic Realism.