Director Henry Corra & the Corra Films Team Continue Inspirational Collaboration with Mercedes-Benz USA with New Campaign “We Play To Win”

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World-renowned filmmaker Henry Corra, best known for his unique brand of non-fiction known as “living cinema,” has led his creative team at Corra Films to orchestrate an incredibly motivational, branded content campaign for Mercedes-Benz USA, entitled “We Play to Win.” For the global automaker, Corra and his production team traveled the country to interview some of the greatest visionaries and leaders of our time about the key to their success. Featuring interviews with a diversity of experts including MBUSA’s new President & CEO Dietmar Exler, University of Alabama Football’s Nick Saban, Emory University Dean Erika James, and Delta Airlines CEO Ed Bastian, the extensive series of 13 short films are being unveiled online monthly, designed to motivate the Mercedes-Benz USA team to be the best they can be.

To view the new Mercedes “We Play to Win” campaign:

“The campaign exhibits a great openness and curiosity on the part of the world’s greatest carmaker,” says Corra. “It’s been a dream collaboration between brand, agency and filmmaker with a trust and fluidity like no other I’ve experienced and it shows in the work I think.”

Corra and the Corra Films team have been collaborating with Mercedes and ad agency Merkley + Partners for almost a decade on a wide range of projects, including 2009’s iconic campaign “Impact” ( At the completion of the latest “We Play To Win” project, then Mercedes-Benz USA CEO Steve Cannon said: “Corra’s work is the emotional crescendo of our brand.”

“We were so thrilled to hear that from our client at Mercedes, since we really hold them up as one of the highest achieving brands in the world, always reaching for the best in terms of quality and results,” notes Corra. “This relationship and collaboration with Mercedes is so exciting. They pretty much invite us into a myriad of projects and it’s like an ongoing journey that tells different aspects of the big Mercedes story – just like our non-fiction feature films.”

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