Spittn Image & Founding EP Melissa Ciampa Entice The Masses With Print & Social Campaigns For FX’s “Legion” & “Pose”

LegionS2_female copy.jpg

An emerging, innovative model of production company, Spittn Image and founding Executive Producer Melissa Ciampa continue to make their mark with enticing print campaigns for FX Network’s “Legion” & “Pose.” The “Legion” print & social campaign was shot at the end of 2017 in Los Angeles, which included motion & still images for respective social media platforms, while the “Pose” print & integrated social campaign was completed in New York. Ciampa worked closely with FX Networks SVP of Print Design Todd Heughens, photographer Pari Dukovic in New York, and Photographer Matthias Clamer in Los Angeles to bring the alluring visions to life.

To view the “Legion” Print Campaign: http://www.spittnimage.com/print-work/legion-season-2

To view the “Pose” Print Campaign: http://www.spittnimage.com/print-work/pose-season-1

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