Wondros Directors Riess|Hill Redefine Motherhood In Teleflora’s Mother’s Day Campaign

Wondros Directors Chris Riess and Amy Hill, professionally known as Riess|Hill, provide a new take on Mother’s Day storytelling in Teleflora’s newly released campaign, “Love Makes a Mom.” These deeply moving spots highlight three unconventional motherhood scenarios that beautifully reinforce the brand’s belief that it is love above all else that makes a Mom.

Click here to view the new Teleflora campaign: https://vimeo.com/album/5172197

The success of this campaign comes fresh off the heels of Riess|Hill’s selection at the Tribeca Film Festival for their powerful documentary short “Hula Girl.” For the new Teleflora campaign, Mother Cara and daughter Mia, who were showcased in the campaign, shared their beautiful, personal story on “The View” last week alongside Mia’s brother Jack: https://vimeo.com/wondros/review/269035720/7a029f52ee

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