Veterans For Gun Reform PSA

Cut+Run and Editor Ben McCambridge are part of a creative team including Writer/Director and Veteran Kyle Hausmann-Stokes and Producer Ellen Utrecht who have united to craft a persuasive and moving PSA for Veterans for Gun Reform. The PSA stars military veterans of all genders, ages, ethnicities and military backgrounds. Their message is clear, “...we carried the M4/M16, we know its power first hand, and there is no reason it should be for sale in this country.”

When it comes to national security, we often look to military veterans for leadership and informed opinions. With domestic mass shootings now claiming more lives than any other form of terrorism, and in the wake of yet another senseless school shooting in Parkland, Florida, the voices of military veterans carry more weight than ever. The debate on gun control is complicated. And there are many citizens who feel it may be somehow un-American or unpatriotic to support a ban on certain firearms.

But it’s not.

And hearing this message from those who have served in the armed forces can be at once inspiring, reassuring and empowering.

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