Marmoset Presents “Origins”: New Film Unites Brands + Bands With The Story Behind The Music

MARMOSET REEL 2017.00_00_01_17.Still002.jpg

Marmoset is a full-service music agency, meticulously curating a roster of rare, vintage, and emerging artists and bands for original scores & soundtracks for every creative need imaginable. To showcase its work by highlighting the creatives and the processes undertaken, Marmoset has produced a series of short films. The latest, “Origins,” has equal parts heart and quirky humor to demonstrate how the right music can help make any kind of ad engaging and memorable.

“Origins” was directed by Josh Brine who filmed in Portland, along with other music-infused cities like Seattle, Tulsa and Chicago -- just some of the places inhabited by the film’s featured artists: Magic Sword, Bryan John Appleby, Ohana Bam, Brian Hall, Graham Barton, Toplady, and Frankie Simone. The story of Marmoset weaves seamlessly in and out of the branded work to which it has proudly contributed.    

Forged with a streak of independence, Portland, OR-based Marmoset instills community within every aspect of its environment. With an approach that’s original yet humble, clients locally and globally have embraced the music agency’s thinking and creative processes. Seven years on and its community of musicians and artists has similarly continued to grow and flourish.

Despite its global presence, Marmoset’s roots remain in community and collaboration, the well-built foundation upholding every one of its projects, including its newest promotional films. “Origins” brings to light the quality involved in each collaborative effort, and serves as that gentle prod to work hard without forgetting to have fun along the way.

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