I Still Remain: Fighting Cancer Twice

“I Still Remain” is a film that inspects and explores the inner workings, insights and inspirations of a man driven and informed by two fights with cancer. Written by Braulio Fonseca, directed by Jason Lindsey, and edited by Sai Selvarajan, “I Still Remain,” blends poetic introspection with cinematic observation to reveal a moving portrait of how serious illness carries intense emotional impact, and the transformative power in healing the mind, body and spirit.

Lindsay was inspired to help Fonseca tell his story: how the psychological element was vital in living more fully, even while threatened by the ravages of illness. The director was determined to bring Fonseca’s evocative, lyrical language to the screen. As he explains, “Braulio’s writing mines an emotional journey we do not often see in the fight with cancer. We wanted to craft the message with an aesthetic that would translate the depths of his healing process to hopefully reach those looking for hope and restoration.”

Honoring the story with immersive and rhythmic visuals, Lindsay captures both intimate and expansive moments that reveal Fonseca’s resurgence. From the purifying blank page of icy blue water to the worn decay of photographed graffitied walls, and the calloused skin of time’s toll.   

An admirer of Sai Selvarajan’s body of work, Lindsay approached the editor to shape a story that would blend voice and visuals, poetry and purpose. For Selvarajan, the challenge was met with passionate determination to uncover the universal and the personal, in a message aimed to inspire and connect.

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