Santa Has Competition In GameStop’s New Spot Edited By Lucky Post’s Marc Stone

Santa’s preeminent position as King of Gifts is challenged by GameStop in a new holiday spot edited by Lucky Post’s Marc Stone for The Richards Group. Poor Santa, he’s been scooped…and this realization comes with a range of emotions as he spies on a happy family whose gifts have been delivered by GameStop. The end result is revealed in the spot’s title: Freak Out. 

For Stone, the project was immensely appealing on many levels, starting with the hilarious concept’s twist on the Christmas spirit; presenting Santa’s rapid transformation from excitement to utter frustration was a creative challenge as joyful as the season. Perfectly performed by one very convincing Santa, the Christmas identity crisis is twistedly lighthearted. Lucky Post also delivered color, sound design, graphics and finish – otherwise known as a complete post package. Santa would undoubtedly approve.

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