Filmmaker Cara Stricker & Eleven Sound Designer/Mixer Jordan Meltzer Emote Stylized Tonalities In “MAVERICK”

Eleven Sound Designer/Mixer Jordan Meltzer has elevated soundscapes with his unique approach to sound mixing for the likes of HP, Dodge, Adidas and AT&T, amongst many others. In “Maverick,” Writer/Director Cara Stricker’s latest film, Meltzer takes viewers on a surrealistic journey of mystery and intrigue in reflection of the dreamlike storyline. The team recently celebrated the official selection of “MAVERICK” at L.A.’s Female Filmmakers Festival, where it screened earlier this fall.  


MAVERICK is a prologue of the heartbreaking history of love and gas lighting, following the story of a young woman struggling to break free from a controlling relationship, while reclaiming her identity. Meltzer’s measured technique created an abstract ambient experience that served as a perfect accent to the charismatic manipulation woven within the storyline.


“I think it’s important for people to observe her story as a colorful, complicated, unapologetic female experience, one that highlights the battle with self-identity in a situation many may not be familiar with,” notes Stricker.

“The emotions of the characters are mirrored in the sound of the film, and how it travels within the room. Jordan took the language of the dialogue, and the score, and wove it through the room’s levels and channels,” shares Stricker. “We wanted to make sure the viewing experience was predominately designed for a 5.1 theatre screening, so the audience at times would feel unconformable and anxious. He added sound design to enhance cuts and transitions, creating beats out of reverbs, plucks of cellos, and sound design elements, as well as enhanced layers of low end sounds, that you can feel the vibrations of in your body more than you can hear them. He added atmospheric sounds to the music, or unexpected nature sounds to enhance the juxtaposition between the environment outside, and what we are seeing within the house. It is all about feeling really.”

MAVERICK screened as part Female Filmmakers Festival’s opening day programming at the Downtown Independent Theater in Los Angeles, California.

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