#WomenForTheWin Initiative Features Production & Post Professionals Across The U.S. Donating Talent & Expertise To Shoot Political Ads For Aspiring Candidates

Led by the vision of Director Ramaa Mosley, creatives from across America — filmmakers, producers and editors -- have joined the #WomenForTheWin Initiative, donating their time and energy to create commercials for women running for political office across the U.S.


“#WomenForTheWin, is a grass-roots, national movement in the media industry to put our skills to use making high-quality video content for progressive and democratic female candidates running for office,” explains Mosley. “Since launching three weeks ago, we have mobilized a small army of media professionals to support female candidates who are passionate about freedom of choice, gun reform, pay equality, health care and creating a society where women's rights are human rights.”

The mission of #WomenForTheWin, notes Mosley, is to harness the creative and organizational power of media professionals to support diverse female candidates who are running for down ballot and up ballot offices to help their communities to create transformative social change.

“We are using our collective super powers to make video content quickly to help raise awareness about these phenomenal progressive female candidates and to get them the votes they need to win,” adds Producer Debbie Van Ness. "It's been truly inspirational to see all these talented professionals jump in, take the ball and run, and come back -- in record time -- with effective media that helps promote our candidates and causes.  We asked everyone to move mountains...and they did!  There were producers, directors, camera, lighting, grip, editors, music & sound professionals who had never met one another but collaborated on a moment's notice and created not just media, but a movement."   

According to the duo, their focus is on progressive and democratic female political candidates that are running against well-funded, conservative Republican opponents in the Midterm elections. “We are media professionals who want representation in politics to create a balance of power,” emphasizes Mosley. “We want a government that reflects the people it serves, and decision makers who genuinely and enthusiastically fight for greater opportunity and better lives for the Americans they represent. We want larger leadership roles for Progressive and Democratic women so that all people can benefit from the open-minded, productive contributions that women have consistently made in office.” 

“We pair writers, producers and production crews with candidates -- and we donate our time to create assets for use on social and broadcast that help them convey who they are, what their positions are and why they are qualified to hold a position in government,” details Van Ness. “From City Council office to State House to the White House, we are working to help female progressive candidates across the nation win the Midterm elections.”

"The rallying cry from Ramaa was strong and clear,” noted Ben Raynes, Executive Producer at DigitasLBi. “This is an important endeavor that will have lasting impact on our future. I’m so pleased to have contributed in some small way."

“It feels way better to donate a valuable skill to a cause you believe in than making phone calls or throwing money at a problem,” said Michael Walsh, Co-Founder and Creative Director at The Creative Cabinet. “To be a good creative, you need empathy and you see that same trait in the candidates we support.”

In an email thanking the group, candidate Kate Bishop of Chula Vista, CA, stated: “It has taken me all day today to try to find the words strong enough to express my gratitude to you for everything you have done for me.” She continued, writing, “I am overwhelmed that you all would donate your time and talents for such a small race so far away.” Bishop is running for an Elementary School Board seat. “My grassroots campaign could never in a million years have afforded such an amazing thing as a high-production video. But thanks to #WomenForTheWin, I was able to shoot a commercial last weekend! This election has amazing progressive female candidates up and down the ballots. Every dollar counts, ESPECIALLY in small local races! Together we will succeed!”

Additionally, #WomenForTheWin also has a partnership with “Putting Women in Their Place,” an initiative working on video content for another few dozen candidates running down ballot races.

For more information on #WomenForTheWin, follow them on social media:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Womenforthewin1
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/womenforthewin/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/womenforthewin1/

#WomenForTheWin supported the following women running for local, state, or federal office:

Nicki Arnold-Swindle — Anniston, AL — State House
Jenn Gray — Irondale, AL — State House
Amy Wasyluka — Capshaw, AL — State Senate

Lou Sharp — Springdale, AR — State House

Susan Santangelo — Camarillo, CA — City Council
Kate Bishop — Chula Vista, CA — Chula Vista Elementary School Board
Evlyn Andrade-Heymsfield — Santee, CA — City Council
Nicole Jones — Chula Vista, CA — Southwestern College Board
Andrea Lofthouse-Quesada — Alhambra, CA — City Council

Beth Hart — Florence, CO — State Senate

Dr. Jennifer Zimmerman — Florida 1st Congressional District — US House
Tammy Garcia — Land O Lakes, FL — State House
Liv Coleman — Bradenton, FL — State House

Beth Moore — Atlanta, GA — State House
Shelly Hutchinson — Snellville, GA — State House
Emily Leslie — Snellville, GA — State House 

Mary Catherine Roberson — Vermilion County, IL — County Clerk
Donna Miller — Cook County, IL — Commissioner 

Danette Harris — Mulvane, KS — State House 

Tammy Savoie — Louisiana 1st Congressional District — US House 

Tiffany Roberts-Lovell — State House 

Eve Hurwitz — Annapolis, MD — State Senate
Ysela Bravo — Mount Airy, MD — State House

Emily Farrer — Taunton, MA — State House 

Elizabeth Lundstrum — Joplin, MO — State House 

Tina Davis-Hershey — Carson City, NV — State Senate 

Allison Nutting-Wong — Nashua, NH — State House
Jenn Alford-Teaster — Sutton, NH — State Senate
Jeanne Dietsch — Peterbourough, NH — State Senate
Luisa Piette — Londonderry, NH — State House
Shannon Chandley — Amherst, NH — State Senate
Melanie Levesque — Brookline, NH — State Senate
Patricia Pustell — West Ossipee, NH — State House

Daryl Eisenberg Knegten — Watchung, NJ — City Council 

Mathylde Frontus — Brooklyn, NY — State Assembly 

Emma Burke — Lake Oswego, OR — City Councilor 

Amy Cozze — Nazareth, PA — State House
Claudette Williams — Mt. Pocono, PA — State House
Shanna Danielson — Dillsburg, PA — State House 

Whitney Raver — Custer, SD — State House

Danielle Mitchell — Tennessee 3rd Congressional District  — US House 

Adrienne Bell — Texas 14th Congressional District — US House
Ramona Thompson — Denton City/Frisco, TX — State House
Rita Lucido — Houston, TX — State Senate
Andrea Duhon — Katy, TX — School Board
Jessica Teidt — Austin, TX — County Clerk

Lucy Rogers — Waterville, VT — State House
Mitzi Johnson — Grand Isle-Chittenden, VT — State House 

Jenn Goulet — Pasco, WA — State House 

Elizabeth Riley — Hayward, WI — State Assembly
Lillian Cheesman — West Allis, WI — State Assembly

Lou Reed Sharp - Arkansas

Andrea Lofthouse-Quesada - California

Liv Coleman - Florida

Emily Farrer - Massachusetts

Mathylde Frontus - New York

Shanna Danielson - Pennsylvania

Rita Lucido - Texas

Adrienne Bell - Texas

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