Paul McCartney’s ‘Come On To Me’ Comes To Life In Three Music Videos By Director TG Herrington

Paul McCartney’s ‘Come On To Me’ - from his newly released album Egypt Station - celebrates that basic human need we all have for connection. It's the kind of song you sing aloud, and dance to with total abandon. A trio of music videos, directed and edited by TG Herrington, harness the track’s joyful exuberance and inspire audiences to get up and dance as part of the #COTMChallenge.

“Little Freddie,” “Ali” and “Elsa” were filmed in director Herrington’s home town of New Orleans, a place that lives large with compelling characters in a city known for its warm and wild embrace of both music and dance. Three people working the night shift celebrate the secret, hidden moments when you can let your guard down and move. Herrington and his wife, producer Nicelle Herrington, explored their vast network of the city’s unique denizens to find three people - no actors with no professional choreography - for three films with three teasers.

As a body of work these three stories weave together to give audiences a glimpse into what it means to be human, to connect to a piece of music and then be moved to lose ourselves in that brief magical moment. The culminating video unites the trio - alone, but together in spirit. It premiered on MTV, and across Paul McCartney’s social channels.

TG Herrington's love of film started at an early age behind the lens of a Bell and Howell Super 8 camera given to him by his father. His career now spans some 20 years and includes work all over the world, in all aspects of filmmaking.  As an editor, TG has collaborated with such notable directors as David Fincher, Michel Gondry, Simon West and Michael Bay on advertising for national and international brands. He expanded into long form medium work on projects including the critically acclaimed Fox TV series, Keen Eddie, and with editorial duties on the feature film The Mechanic. His directing credits include the award-winning short doc Mr. Okra and the feature documentary A Tuba To Cuba, which is currently screening in festivals nationwide. The Free State Of Jones, based in part on Herrington’s family history, was recently sold to Universal and Director Gary Ross (The Hunger Games).

“Working with TG and Nicelle was a fantastic experience,” comments Scott Rodger, Maverick Partner/Manager. “TG approached me with an idea he had for a video for Paul - I sent him the treatment and he was happy to go ahead. They are uplifting, fun and engaging. TG stayed true to his vision of working with real people, not professional actors. He’s an expert director, editor and producer. There was never any doubt about getting something of quality, but we all couldn’t be happier with the results, especially Paul. The videos cast a whole new light on the song itself and it’s rare you get to achieve that with any video.”

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