Hostage Films Welcomes Executive Producer Jennifer Zar To Expanding Company


Hostage Films is thrilled to welcome Executive Producer Jennifer Zar to its production team. Jen comes on board with 20 years of marketing and advertising experience including eight years of commercial production experience. She has worked on award winning campaigns across TV, digital and social channels for Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Daiichi Sankyo.

Zar was introduced to Hostage while serving as lead account director on a Hostage shoot in New Zealand with internationally acclaimed director and photographer, Ruben Latre.

“Ruben is a director with unparalleled vision,” shares Zar. “His instinct for capturing just the right moments with the most amazing lighting in any setup is awe-inspiring. I look forward to being a part of Ruben’s team and continuing to build his prolific, artistic commercial portfolio across all categories. His versatility is limitless.” 

In collaboration with clients and creative teams, Zar has led concepts through market research to production and air, working to develop engaging, long-running campaigns that directly drive product revenue. Zar’s background is a great fit for Hostage, which recently launched its film division, a tabletop studio, and upped its luxury brand portfolio with a New Years’ campaign for The Peninsula Hotel.

Founder/EP of Hostage, Melissa Beth, explains, “In addition to being a genuine joy to work with, Jen is a production dynamo. Her experience working on both the agency and client sides of production gives her a unique understanding of their needs, which is vital to the success of every production.”

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