Filmmaker Matt K. Turner & Eleven Mixer/Sound Designer Jordan Meltzer Create a Soundscape for “RFLKTR”; Short Film Premieres at The Santa Barbara International Film Festival


Eleven Mixer/Sound Designer Jordan Meltzer celebrates the official selection of “RFLKTR,” a new short film from Writer/Director Matt K. Turner. The film premieres at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, beginning on January 31, 2018. The ambitious psychological thriller tells the story of a pilot that crash-lands on an alien planet and faces an unexpected enemy -- another version of herself.

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With sound tonalities that truly transcend the overall viewing experience, Eleven’s Meltzer captures the extraterrestrial world with a sense of mystery and intrigue. His calculated approach was undoubtedly nurtured through an impressive portfolio with Eleven having worked on a variety of film, television and commercial projects. Some of Jordan’s recent projects include commercials for HP, Dodge, Disney, FitBit and Sam Smith, which led him to a recent promotion as Mixer/Sound Designer.

“Working with Matt on “RFLKTR” was a lot of fun,” says Meltzer. “ In some ways “RFLKTR” is a study of footsteps, where the character trudges and stumbles through dry dirt for the entire film. That needed to be addressed and grounded in reality, in alignment with the psyche of the character where futuristic internalized sounds play their role -- toying with the idea that she could be losing her mind, or maybe this is really happening. I’m very happy for Matt and look forward to working together again down the road!”

“RFLKTR” is a story of nature vs. nurture and the internal struggles waging in all of us, centering on Captain Avery, a commercial pilot who crashes on an alien planet. In her search for help, she encounters a mysterious stranger who is revealed to be another Captain Avery enveloped in a cycle of reappearance and bewildering murder. The short was helmed by Turner of indie cult comedy “Family Weekend” and Writer for ABC drama “The Family.” Shot in one day in the desert, “RFLKTR” finally brings together all of Turner’s skills to conjure a striking example of what can happen when an artist crafts a singular vision from concept to screen.

“As a screenwriter, I've had the pleasure of seeing my work on the screen in features and television. However, taking on a more comprehensive role in making “RFLKTR” has easily been the most rewarding experience of my career,” shares Turner. “I am so grateful to all the talented artists who came together to support this film, including Jordan Meltzer at Eleven who was essential in elevating the film to a level at which we can play at one of the world’s top film festivals.  As a graduate of the UC Santa Barbara Film School, I couldn’t be more excited for “RFLKTR” to have its world premiere at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.”

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