Oh Susanna Announces The Release Of A Girl In Teen City On Vinyl & Shares Latest Music Video “Thunderbird”

Acclaimed songwriter Oh Susanna (aka Suzie Ungerleider) is excited to share a new music video for "Thunderbird" from her latest album, A Girl In Teen City, a record that traverses to the most personal place yet: a conjured, vivid past, searching for identity in Vancouver in the 1980s. Additionally, for those who love the sound of a needle on a record, A Girl In Teen City is now available on vinyl, courtesy of Record Centre Music.

The album track “Thunderbird” was inspired Ungerleider’s friend Dave, who was “the first person I knew who bought his own car,” she says. “He spent around $900 on a black hard top 1968 Thunderbird. He worked as a busboy and it took him months to save enough money to buy it. Turns out this car had a rusty underbelly and was totally unsafe to drive so the car sat abandoned until it was towed away by the city after we all left Vancouver to attend college. Cars are, of course, a metaphor for freedom, youth, adventure and virility. The car also could represent Vancouver itself, beautiful on the outside but rusted out and dangerous on the inside.”

From cheeky rock pop to quietly beautiful love songs, A Girl In Teen City reflects Oh Susanna’s songwriting breadth. Her brilliant vocals float through the sensuous instrumentation to create a cinematic soundscape. The album finds Ungerleider working with longtime friends and musicians Eli Abrams on bass, Cam Giroux on drums, Gord Tough on guitar, and Jim Bryson on guitar and keyboards. Guest harmony vocalists include Holly McNarland, Gabrielle Giguere, Ungerleider’s sister Jessie and niece Sofia.

Oh Susanna embarks on a cross-Canada tour including a return to Vancouver, the scene of inspiration, on October 12. For more Information on her upcoming tour, discography and more, visit: http://ohsusanna.com

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