Lucky Post’s Marc Stone Edits “Busy Is A 4-Letter Word” for Canada Dry & The Richards Group

A new video presented by Canada Dry exposes the complicated feelings associated with the notion of busy and how, to many, it’s a four letter word. The documentary project, via The Richards Group, directed by Kyle Ruddick and edited by Lucky Post’s Marc Stone, sets the stage for a tricky and often emotional conversation between duos who perceive busy differently.

Each side is utterly relatable - from those who feel invigorated and those who feel overlooked. Secretly asked to write down what they perceive when the word busy is elicited, the difference between the user and receiver is startling and the reaction, powerful.

Marc Stone blended the many genuine and varied responses, as unique as the duos themselves, into the bigger picture story about what Canada Dry refers to as an epidemic of busyness. As the couples (husbands & wives, best friends, a father and son) come together on a solitary green couch, they begin to understand each other’s impressions and the importance of taking time for what matters most.

“You can approach this ‘epidemic’ in many ways visually” says Stone, “but editing real people and real conversations has intrinsic and powerful relatability, you just have to find the nuances that bring together the individual stories into one cohesive movement.”

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