Bullitt’s Scott Weintrob Premieres New Documentary “Built to Fail” At The 2017 LA Film Festival

Scott Weintrob, who is represented commercially by Bullitt, premiered his new documentary, “Built to Fail," at the 2017 LA Film Festival. "Built To Fail" follows Bobby Kim co-founder of The Hundreds as he takes an intrepid journey to define and document one of the most elusive fashion phenomena of our times: Streetwear.

Weintrob, alongside Bobby Kim aka Bobby Hundreds, directed the definitive streetwear feature documentary traveling around the world to locations including Tokyo, Hong Kong and Seoul. This vibrant adventure was yet another milestone for the sought-after director, completing spots for brands including Audi, Hyundai, Lenovo, Cadillac, Volvo, and Acura. Weintrob’s recent works also received awards including: Cannes Lion, D&AD, and Creative Circle Awards.

In “Built To Fail,” Bobby takes a very personal look at the people who were there at the beginning and started it all. From Rick Klotz of Freshjive to Eli Bonerz of X-Large and Stash and Futura of GFS - they share the stories of their early struggles and what drove them in many cases, unwittingly, to create an industry. What starts as a question about the definition of streetwear becomes an intimate mediation as the lines between interviewer and subject blur and Bobby must take a hard look at the company he built, his future and what streetwear has become.

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