BARK BARK Invests In The Future: Three Employees Made Company Partners

Award-winning Advertainment studio BARK BARK is excited to announce new partners. Backed by new investment, several key employees at BARK BARK have taken equity positions in the company. Creative Director Daniel Sattelmeyer, Head of Production Tabitha Mason-Elliott, and Studio Executive Ann Daykin Mohammadione, now collectively own a majority stake in BARK BARK. Karen Grant, SVP of Client Partnership, retains her equity position as an officer of the company as well.

The future is bright for BARK BARK, which, after over 10 years, continues to thrive, having seen impressive growth in the first six months of 2017. The award winning studio is known for its collaborations with Viacom, Scripps Networks, Discovery Communications, A + E Networks, NBCUniversal, 20th Century Fox, Disney, Warner Bros., Pernod Ricard, Orbitz, Hershey’s, Toyota, Subaru, Microsoft, P&G, Geico, and many more. The company announced major partnerships with some of the world’s most successful content creators earlier this year, and will be announcing several more new initiatives in the coming months. 

In speaking about the industry at large, Tolleson, BARK BARK’s founder & managing partner, remarks, “I’m hoping this inspires more studio owners to invest in the future by sharing ownership with key employees. What’s your real legacy? We have a responsibility to share success, and help move loyal people forward, otherwise we’re just “the boss” in the Dolly Parton song. I think that empowerment is what future-thinking firms look like.”