Spittn Image Produces Print Campaign for FX Networks’ Fosse/Verdon; Sees Festival Success with Short Film “The Witching Hour”

2019 is off to an incredible start for Spittn Image. Under the leadership of Executive/Creative Producer Melissa Ciampa, the multifaceted production company recently collaborated on the print campaign for the much-anticipated FX Networks’ limited series “Fosse/Verdon.” Featuring the story of legendary choreographer Bob Fosse and dancer-collaborator Gwen Verdon, the series stars Sam Rockwell and Michelle Williams. With this project, Spittn Image continues to amaze by cultivating striking and evocative photography that better enables a series to stand out in an increasingly saturated media environment. 

Spittn Image Creative Director/Shawnette Heard also won an “Award of Merit” in the Best Shorts Competition for her newest short film “The Witching Hour.” Directed by Heard, the short is currently on the festival circuit.

Early 2019 saw the official launch of Spittn Image Indie, headed by Heard with her first signing of in-demand Director/Choreographer Luther Brown. Brown has just choreographed episodes of the upcoming season of “Step Up: High Water” and the music video for Max Frost’s “Money Problems.” Most recently, Brown worked on the production of Gwen Stefani’s performance at the 2019 Dubai World Cup and her concert during 2019 Cathay Pacific/HSBC Sevens Festival in Hong Kong.

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Bullitt Welcomes Director Geordie Stephens

Director Geordie Stephens has joined the Bullitt family of directors. His diverse body of work is defined by tapping simple human truths and unexpected situations to produce genuine emotion and comedic impact. The ongoing conversation between brand and viewer has been explored throughout Stephens’ career both on as a director and as an agency creative.

“Having been a huge fan of Geordie’s work for a long time and I’m thrilled that he’s joining the Bullitt family,” says Bullitt EP/President Luke Ricci. “His comedic and visual chops are of the highest caliber and I’m constantly impressed with the way he finds layer upon layer of nuance to his shots and performances resulting in richly textured content that cuts through the clutter.”

“Bullitt is a culturally relevant, filmmaker-driven company, which makes it an especially interesting place to create,” comments Stephens. “Their fearless approach to branded storytelling is the ultimate director’s playground – informed by an expertise in entertainment-charged advertising.”

Raised by in an artistic community by radical parents, Geordie was a world-class gymnast who gave up endless hours of practice to study installation art, graphic design, and museum design. As he moved from the intensity of gymnastics to the precision thrill of cliff diving, Stephens also leapt into agency art direction and creative direction. At Crispin Porter & Bogusky in Miami Stephens was named one of the top 25 global art directors for the award-winning campaigns for IKEA, Truth, Virgin Atlantic, Burger King, Sprite, and VW (Grand Clio winner). He went on to work for a number of creative agencies before transitioning to the director role.

In directing, Stephens has found a perfect home for his enduring passion for narrative. His penchant for irreverent, playful social commentary has earned awards and recognition at Cannes, AICP, and The One Show. Among his noted projects are collaborations for Amazon, The Grammys, Days Inn, and Freedom Mobile – with more to come. View Stephens work and find out more at http://bullittbranded.com/talent/geordie-stephens and by following his adventures on Instagram @Geordie1027.

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Join 826LA’s Time Scouts, Help Kids Now & In The Future: M&C Saatchi LA Harnesses Time Travel For New Awareness and Fundraising Campaign

Have you ever wondered about the proper care of prehistoric animals or how to blend in when you travel back to Ancient Rome? If so, look no further than the Time Scouts Handbook! Filled with writing prompts and time travel safety tips, the handbook is part of the Time Scouts campaign for 826LA by M&C Saatchi LA. Part of a national non-profit organization co-founded by Dave Eggers and Nínive Calegari, 826LA is dedicated to supporting students ages 6 to 18 with their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write.  The initiative aims to raise support of all kinds for the organization with numerous rewards - tangible, emotional, transdimensional - as highlighted in the kickstarter campaign. Go there now:  https://www.timescouts.com/

In the video accompanying the Kickstarter campaign, Marc Evan Jackson, known for his roles on the hit comedies Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Good Place  — and absolutely not a time traveler — introduces you to the Time Scouts, the 21st century chapter of 826LA’s Time Scouts Multiversal.  Magicians, special agents, and the general public can enjoy Time Gear, Time Patches, and The Handbook - not to mention the satisfaction of being on the right side of history.


Inspired by 826LA’s Time Travel Mart storefronts  - the Mar Vista and Echo Park entry portals to the world of 826LA - the campaign is the brainchild of M&C Saatchi LA’s Associate Creative Director Stephen Reidmiller and an intrepid team of the agency’s content creators, producers, writers and artists. 826LA provides after-school tutoring, evening and weekend workshops, in-school programs, and more. Previously, M&C Saatchi LA collaborated with 826LA and its students on a series of Time Travel Mart product posters. This time, they are back (and forth) to highlight the wide-reaching, future-changing effect of 826LA. Enter: Time Scouts.


“Time Scouts has been in the works for over two years. From an 80 page handbook to Time Patches, this project was a ton of fun to concept and create. I’m really excited to see how it grows over the next year,” shares Reidmiller, who developed the project in close collaboration with artist Beth Morrell. “Everyone has a story to share. Hopefully this book inspires the students of 826LA to tell theirs.”

“Time Scouts would not exist without Stephen Reidmiller, and the incredible support he has gathered to make this project happen. After two years of planning and experimenting, and with the support of M&C Saatchi LA behind us, the final result is astonishing. We are so impressed with the individuals who have come together to make this project a reality,” notes Rachel Mendelsohn, Design Manager at 826LA. 

“826LA is grateful for the support of M&C Saatchi LA from previous projects as well, like the poster series completed with our students. The creativity and resources made available to 826LA have made such an incredible impact time and time again,” adds Carinne Mangold, Store Manager at 826LA.

Camp with Cleopatra, hang with Hamilton, or simply travel across the cosmos in style. With all time and space to explore, there’s never been a better era to join Time Scouts.

Disclaimer: Time travel is not real. So pledge support and join the Time Scouts by May 9.

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Wondros Director Sean Thonson Explores The Heart Of Maine In New Poland Spring Campaign

With a unique eye for visual storytelling, Wondros Director Sean Thonson celebrates the renowned purity of Maine’s waters in a new campaign for Poland Spring. The spot highlights the rich topography within the region and the streams that contribute to the 100% natural spring water delivered in each bottle.

Click to view a larger image.

Throughout the spot, Thonson explores the 10,000 year-old glacial aquifers that filter the water in a stunning exposition of waterbeds, rivers and springs that define the heart of Maine. The campaign gives voice to the springs in affirming the legitimacy behind Poland Spring’s 100% natural spring water.

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Lord Danger's Mike Diva Serves Capital Breakfast with a Spoonful of Pop Stars

Lord Danger’s Mike Diva serves up a feast for the eyes in a new spot for Capital FM’s first nationwide breakfast show: Capital Breakfast. Conceived by agency Lucky Generals, the spot was brought to life in a unique production partnership between Lord Danger and Hungry Man UK. With Diva at the helm, Capital Breakfast is reimagined as a cereal, with Roman Kemp, Vick Hope and Sonny Jay taking the viewer through their extraordinary world, packed with some of the world’s biggest hit music stars. Little Mix glides through a multi-colored sky on a magical spoon, Liam Payne chases the Breakfast hosts riding a giant toy dinosaur, and Anne-Marie surfs through breakfast cereal on a jet-ski dodging Cheryl, Shawn Mendes and Halsey in her path.

Capital is the UK’s number one hit music brand, playing the biggest hits from the hottest artists to 8.3 million weekly listeners. It latest offering, Capital Breakfast, starts listeners day off with a healthy meal of entertainment.

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