Eleven Sound Designer Jordan Meltzer Transcends Viewers To Ethereal Worlds In Mike WiLL Made-It’s New Music Video

Featuring Rae Sremmurd, Big Sean, Quavo & Pharrell

Eleven Sound Designer Jordan Meltzer creates an atonal atmospheric score which opens Mike WiLL Made-It’s new music video entitled “Aries (YuGo) Part 2,” featuring Rae Sremmurd, Big Sean, Quavo and Pharrell.  The video places the artists in surrealistic desert landscapes while asteroids crash and whiz by contributing to the ethereal narrative.

Click here to view the spot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IGJkd0fNGU

Or view via Eleven’s Vimeo Page: https://vimeo.com/263222107


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Working Stiff Welcomes The New Neighbors in Dare’s Latest Campaign For Bear Paws
NN Bear Wave copy.png

Nationally-recognized comedy Director Matt Pittroff and his long-time Producer Steve Blair celebrate the reboot of Pittroff’s full-service production company Working Stiff, along with the release of their latest Bear Paws campaign for Dare. The new comical spot through Toronto’s Grip Limited observes a threatened husband and father, who happens to be a walking, talking goldfish, as he suspiciously watches the “New Neighbors” move in across the street.

To watch the spots, click https://workingstiff.gosimian.com/v3/sp/r/N1/0/atiK2NoxWpQRKmzU5h0s7Q/

With a focus on creating and telling engaging stories across all platforms, Working Stiff catapulted into 2018 with a 10-spot digital campaign for Hilton Honors, as well as a tapestry of campaign work for Round Table Pizza, SeaWorld Orlando, Busch Gardens Williamsburg and the Colorado Lottery, among others. Prior to, Pittroff spent eight years at Twist Film and most recently partnered with Station, Blair by his side all along and a key contributor to his success. Pittroff and BIair admit that it just made sense. The market is as opportunistic as ever, but those opportunities are atypical and can be fleeting. Working Stiff’s new model allows them to “yes” projects more often and faster. Being more nimble allows them to go after and accept a wide range of projects, and honor a loyal list of clients with the service they expect and deserve.

The company’s most recent Grip Limited collaboration for Dare Bear Paws with Pittroff at the helm and Blair behind the Producer wheel was all about trust. "I have worked with Grip quite a bit over the past few years and these spots are a culmination of that relationship,” shares Pittroff. “I am very proud of the campaign, and honored to be entrusted with such fresh creative.”

The spot introduces Dare Bear Paws Crackers, a bite-sized cheddar cracker made from natural ingredients. To Pittroff, it was imperative that the emotions of the characters came through clearly. Dad Fish’s paranoid realization that there is a New Bear In Town clearly posed a threat to the Goldfish family, as Mother and Daughter Fish are smitten by the strapping additions to their once quiet and boring street. Casting was one of the greatest challenges and unknowns of the job, as the entire cast was limited by the restrictions of their fabricated costumes. As such, the focus was on finding puppeteers and actors with movement training and costume experience, and guiding those actors’ improvisational efforts and mannerisms on set.

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Say Hello to Hiatus
GroupShot_Large copy.jpg

New, Creative Editorial & Post Boutique Opens in Detroit; Founded by Editor Shane Ford & Featuring an Up & Coming Talent Roster

Hiatus has launched; a creative editorial and postproduction boutique has been opened by Founder/Senior Editor Shane Patrick Ford in Detroit. The new company features the leadership team of Executive Producer/Partner Catherine Pink, and newly signed Executive Producer Joshua Magee, joining Hiatus from the animation studio Lunar North. Additional talents feature Editor Josh Beebe, Composer/Editor David Chapdelaine and Animator James Naugle. www.hiatuspost.com

The roots of Hiatus began with The Factory, an off-the-grid music venue founded by Editor Shane Ford while he was still in college. Providing a venue for local Detroit musicians to play, as well as touring bands, The Factory helped define an era in Detroit’s emerging music scene. Ford, along with a small group of creatives, then formed The Work -- a production company focused on commercial and advertising projects. For Ford, the launch of Hiatus is an opportunity to focus solely on his editorial projects and to expand his creative reach and that of his team nationally.

Leading up to the launch of Hiatus, the team has worked on projects for brands such as Sony, Ford Motor Company, Acura, and Bush’s, as well as recent music videos for Lord Huron, Parquet Courts and the Wombats. The Hiatus team is also putting the finishing touches on the company’s first, original, feature film “Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win.” The film uncovers a Detroit Police decoy unit named STRESS and the efforts made to restore civil order in 1970s post-rebellion Detroit. “Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win” makes its debut at the Indy Film Festival on Sunday April 29th and Tuesday May 1st in Indianapolis, before it hits the film festival circuit.

“Launching Hiatus was a natural evolution for me,” says Ford. “It was time to give my creative team even more opportunities, to expand our network and to collaborate with people across the country that I’ve made great connections with. As the post team evolved within The Work, we outgrew the original role it played within a production company. We began to develop our own team, culture, offerings, and our own processes. With the launch of Hiatus, we are poised to better serve the visual arts community, to continue to grow, and to be recognized for the talented creative team we are.”



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Jogger Welcomes Diana Cheng As Head of Production for the US Western Offices
DC_headshot_1_BW copy.jpeg

Jogger is excited to welcome Diana Cheng as Head of Production for the company’s Western offices.  The addition of Cheng enriches the company’s national and international production team as she collaborates with all Jogger locations throughout the US and in London.

“Diana’s brilliant,” says Jogger Creative Director Andy Brown. “It feels great to be welcoming such an exceptional Head of Production to our team at Jogger. She brings with her a wealth of experience and I look forward to working with Diana in the further development of Jogger.”

“Diana and Andy make an amazing team, we are excited to see them take Jogger to the next stage of the company’s development,” adds Michelle Eskin, Managing Partner at Jogger and Cut+Run.

Cheng joins the studio with over a decade of visual effects expertise producing VFX for such noted projects as Nike “Equality” Directed by Melina Matsoukas, and the AICP Show honoree Nike “Vapor Trail” directed by Mark Zibert both for Wieden & Kennedy, Samsung’s very 1st Super Bowl spot “Thing Called Love” directed by Bobby Farrelly for 72andSunny and the Douglas Avery-directed “Audi Force of Nature.”

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WoodShop Studios Encourages You To “Do Your Thing” In The Laughing Cow’s Dynamic New Spot

WoodShop Studios unveils yet another delectable spot for The Laughing Cow entitled “Do Your Thing,” encouraging viewers to celebrate their freedom of snacking. With an enticing marriage of live action and animation, WoodShop continues to make their mark as product specialists with Food Commercial Director Trevor Shepard understanding how products look, how they move, and how they make people feel.

To view the new spot, go here: http://www.woodshop.tv/projects/laughing-cow-bel/

“Our vision for this set of spots was to combine fun, personable characters with delicious food imagery that came to life through motion and animation,” says Trevor Shepard. Trevor and team worked with agency creatives in designing every frame to be full of color and energy -- a visual showcase of everything The Laughing Cow products have to offer.

WoodShop executed the production, 2D/3D animation, and finishing for the spot through a combination of high-speed photography, diligent food styling, and a composite-driven postproduction process. Agency Calvary Y&R shepherded this campaign from pitch to finish while maintaining the joy that these products bring out in all snack routines -- no matter who you are.

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