kaboom’s erik moe Finds Effervescent Comedy In Sparking Ice Marketing Mayhem

Nothing goes better with Bread n Butter than Sparkling Ice, as evident in the new campaign directed by kaboom’s erik moe. The spots are a comedic take on the advertising industry, where an effervescent duo of eager interns seeks original ways to sell Sparkling Ice. A music video, spinning prize wheels, and viral stunts – all make their boss think WTF. What The Flavor, that is. 

According to Tommy Hernandez, Creative Director: “Working with kaboom was to have a true partner in the creative process from start to delivery. Erik’s passion for comedy and talent in eliciting amazing performances were not only essential, but made the experience as fun as what you see on the screen.” 

Watch the intern antics here:

“WTF” https://vimeo.com/284014660

“Dis Rap” https://vimeo.com/284014627

“Fruit Wheel” https://vimeo.com/284014556

“Fruit Rocket” https://vimeo.com/284014523

In addition to production, kaboom produced the project through post including the collaboration with kaboom director/editor doug werby who cut the campaign. 

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“ZION” Edited by Cut+Run’s Robert Ryang For Director Floyd Russ Comes to Netflix

ZION, the powerful short documentary edited by Cut+Run's Robert Ryang and directed by Floyd Russ of Tool of NA, is now available on Netflix. The film, which premiered at Sundance, is a riveting portrait of Zion Clark, a young wrestler who was born without legs and grew up in foster care.

Ryang and Russ have worked together on numerous projects and have developed a creative shorthand that results in evocative and visually compelling work. This includes award-winning projects such as Ad Council’s “Fans of Love” and SK-II’s “Marriage Market Takeover.”  View select projects here.

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Comedy Director Adam Littke Brings Signature Style To Lucky 21

Lucky 21 is excited to announce the addition of director Adam Littke to its roster. Littke is known for artfully blending comedic performance by idiosyncratic characters with stylized art direction for a truly original directing voice.

“Adam is an impeccable talent whose work stays with you. It’s nuanced and distinct, compelling you to watch over and over,” says Lucky 21 EP Brandon Tapp.

“I felt an immediate kinship with everyone at Lucky 21,” notes the director. “Their quality of experience is what you want in a production company, and they have that deep history and meticulous process.”

Adam Littke’s directing career was formally launched when his music video for Grum caught the eye of David Lynch, followed by the win for Best Music Video at the Los Angeles Film Festival. His advertising debut as one of the winners of the Saatchi & Saatchi New Director Award at Cannes propelled Littke into the spotlight and paved the way for collaborations with agencies and brands including Sony, HTC, American Airlines, and Formula One. His directing work has appeared on NBC, BBC, Comedy Central, Fox, Bravo, Pitchfork and Lifetime.

Littke’s unique creative vision is matched with a profound appreciation for the imprint of music on branding. This extends to his site-specific music curation for hotels, stores, and restaurants including The Adolphus, JOY, and Noelle. Having spent a decade in London and Los Angeles, Littke now resides in Dallas, where he and his wife own artisanal decor shop Set & Co

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Niki DeMar Shows How To “Let It Roar” In New Music Video Via Lord Danger

Niki DeMar, part of the duo Niki & Gabi, has released the music video for her debut solo track, “Let It Roar.” Produced by Lord Danger and directed by Aaron Grasso, “Let It Roar” is an anthem that fiercely rebukes being caged, metaphorically or otherwise. The video has gained lightning attention with over 1.2 Million views and counting.

Embracing individuality is a hallmark of both sisters, who unite their unique personas and styles under the Niki & Gabi banner. With an online following of over 6 Million, Niki & Gabi have made their mark in fashion, beauty, and comedy – and have evolved their musical talent from covers to original songs. For Lord Danger, a content company known for creating pieces with audience traction, the collaboration with Niki & Gabi was first realized with the recent video release “Sleep it Off” (over 1.5 Million views to date) which was filmed in tandem with “Let It Roar.”

Director J.J. Stratford Challenges The Wrestling Patriarchy With FLOW: The “Future Ladies Of Wrestling”

A Director, multi-dimensional artist and technomancer, J.J. Stratford has built an astronomical portfolio of work exhibited, broadcast, and screened internationally and includes MoCA, Getty Museum, The Hammer Museum, The Palais De Tokyo Paris, and many more. Stratford established Telefantasy Studios in 2004, a mutant movie studio that produces cult television programs, art installations, live shows and music videos, with the “Future Ladies Of Wrestling,” also known as FLOW, being her latest enterprise.

Future Ladies of Wrestling is a no-holds barred multimedia extravaganza created by Stratford in which the wildest interspecies wrestlers battle for the title of Ultimate Multiversal Warrior. On July 4th, FLOW invaded the Moonlight Rollerway in Los Angeles for a patriotic afternoon of wrestle mania antics as part of “Dirty Looks: On Location,” a month-long film and performance festival activating LA’s queer history curated by Women’s Center for Creative Work.

Although there have only been a handful of FLOW shows, including at Rupaul’s Drag Con in Los Angeles this past year, people love its subversive vibe. “I knew the shows would be fun, but I never expected the crowd participation to be so high level,” Stratford shares. “At our second show, more people showed up than could fit inside the venue. Some fans were outside crying because they couldn’t get in.”

J.J.’s next upcoming event is a large-scale video installation for a concert featuring legendary synthesizer musician Suzanne Ciani on Friday, August 3rd. For more info, check out: http://ambient.church/work/losangeles/