about us

Hype is a boutique communications agency that provides brand-strategic PR, Marketing and Social Media services to creative companies. We provide an extremely hands-on approach to client service and a collaborative philosophy that positions us as a preferred resource to members of the media. Dedicated to the entertainment industry as a community, Hype is committed to keen storytelling and promoting the creative process. 

Special agents

The carefully assembled and highly trained Special Agents form our dynamic collective.  Our mission: to boost profiles and spread effective brand image worldwide.


Jessie Nagel

Special Agent Jessie Nagel and the dynamic and talented Colleen developed the master plan to create Hype -- a sassy boutique communications agency with the name that says it all. Today, she and her cohorts enjoy the daily buzz and activity the Hype world offers including the chance to highlight the creative process and passion Hype’s clients have in spades.

Jessie also co-founded HypeFest — the short subject film festival turned special events division of the company. A founding member of Women in Animation, Jessie was the editor for the organization’s newsletter “Work in Progress” for nearly 10 years. She is a member of the West Coast Board of the AICP and Chair of the AICP National Care Committee. She also helped produce the indie ‘zine “World Famous Crazy Wild” which had an admittedly small but loyal fan base and a random publishing schedule, is amateur ukulele player and occasional painter. She is kept on her toes by her daughter Sofia, age thirteen.


Colleen O'Mara

Special Agent Colleen O'Mara, a former magazine editor, devised the concept for Hype and opened the company with her good friend Jessie. Because of Colleen and Jessie's diverse interests, they built a client roster for Hype, which constantly challenges them and their energetic team. In addition to her work with Hype clients, Colleen enjoys her collaboration with an ever-expanding group of press contacts and her teammates at Hype - not to mention the pool of freelance talent that Hype relies upon including writers, photographers and designers.

A writer since the age of eight (when she won her first writing contest), Colleen has written and published articles and essays in a variety of publications. She is a Co-Founder of the Venice Media District. Beyond her co-directorship of Hype, Colleen writes short stories, poems and essays. In her rare free time, Colleen travels the U.S. and the world. Her favorite saying: “Will work to travel.” She lives in beautiful and emerging Mar Vista, California, and has a house "in the country” in Ojai, California, which she shares with travelers from around the world via AirBnB.


Alex Lampsos

Hype Social lead Alex Lampsos developed Hype’s social media division with Special Agents & Founders Colleen and Jessie. A social media and PR connoisseur, Alex launched his career at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival in support of Industry Relations.

Since his move to Los Angeles, he has produced over 30 films and music videos resulting in 40+ festival selections and awards, most notably "Cherry Pop" currently on Netflix, with cast members from RuPaul's Drag Race, as well as a widespread tapestry of music videos for alumni from the show. Alex brings a wealth of expertise in social media management as a strategist that believes in the power of one’s voice, whether it be an individual or multi-dimensional enterprise.